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What would your characters say about/to you if they could talk?

jokerxdudejokerxdude Posts: 0 Arc User
edited April 2010 in Off-Topic Discussion
My archer would say, "Easy on the barrage spam will ya? My hands are tired Q_Q"
Top 5
LifeHunting: If only you ACTUALLY PICKED UP everything that dropped, maybe then I would be able to afford all the items You want!!

Me: .....

LifeHunting: Respond you idiot! I'm not doing another mob until then!

Me: ... *presses forward arrow key*

LifeHunting: YOU ****!!!!!!!! *goes running off*

"Worst thing about being me - eye level with monster crotch."
Archer: I've been resed so many times, I've come to believe that I'm a zombie...
Asmodiel: next time....YOU tank everything and I will stare from behind a monitor and laugh
Mine would say...

If you're gonna go afk, could use at least leave me sitting down comfortably? I've meditated so freaking much I've figured the meaning of life 7 times over!!
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  • Tremblewith - Heavens TearTremblewith - Heavens Tear Posts: 1,558 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    My barb would say "Ouch boss! Why are you hitting me!??"

    On the funny side, my barb would say "Damn, I look good."
  • Tjikkie - Raging TideTjikkie - Raging Tide Posts: 135 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    My character would say: "Get a life"
  • Qlngfu - ArchosaurQlngfu - Archosaur Posts: 399 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    my archer/wizzi: do i look fat in this bikini/dress ....b:avoid
  • Pure_Wish - Heavens TearPure_Wish - Heavens Tear Posts: 137 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Pure_Wish would say: Whoa, you're so lucky that you have my hubby irl b:pleased
    Pure_Wish [Rigante]
    Level 8x cleric
    Happily married to RyuNova <3
    PureWish [Rigante]
    Level 7x Psychic
    Pure_Blossom [Rigante]
    Level 3x Mystic
  • Psytrac - DreamweaverPsytrac - Dreamweaver Posts: 2,488 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Mind Crush!
    I'm a guy, not a woman, that is all
    "When you're on Team Bring it, every morning your feet hit the floor, the good lord says "good morning" and the devil says 'Oh **** they're up' " - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    Are you on Team Bring it?
  • _Alchemist_ - Dreamweaver_Alchemist_ - Dreamweaver Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    My psychic would say: DUDE!!! you need a hobby or a girlfriend or something, just leave me alone!
    Prepare for a phantasmagoric panoply of magical powers!
    Your abilities will be mine!
  • /Groovy/ - Harshlands/Groovy/ - Harshlands Posts: 688 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    /Groovy/ says: quit staring at my ****! b:angry
    Packs World International
  • Samaela - DreamweaverSamaela - Dreamweaver Posts: 426 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Sam would say: "asdfghjkl. Stop autopathing when flying and get me stuck in trees ******it! Q.Q"

    Erii(my wizz) would probably just whine about me never leveling her anymore b:laugh
    Samaela[demon cleric]||Nanimee[mystic]||aquaelle[psychic]
  • Esnemyl - DreamweaverEsnemyl - Dreamweaver Posts: 3,079 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    my character: why the hell did you make my bewbs big?
    me:cause i got a flat chest irl?
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]<3 by Silvy
    Reborn ditzy archer with a serious oreo addiction =3

    '...cuz my IQ is just above what is required to function as a human' - tsumaru2
  • Asmodiel - Heavens TearAsmodiel - Heavens Tear Posts: 1,442 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Asmodiel: next time....YOU tank everything and I will stare from behind a monitor and laugh
    "One of the most important factors, not only in military matters but in life as a whole, is ... the ability to direct one's whole energies towards the fulfillment of a particular task." - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

  • Andromaka - Heavens TearAndromaka - Heavens Tear Posts: 925 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Andro would say: Stop healing your pets when its not neccesary, guys keep staring at my boobies shaking everytime you do that. b:chuckle
  • Evict - Heavens TearEvict - Heavens Tear Posts: 2,301 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Andro would say: Stop healing your pets when its not neccesary, guys keep staring at my boobies shaking everytime you do that. b:chuckle

    This is evidence that Venos do that on purpose! b:chuckle

    My sin probably wouldn't say anything, he's just emo like that.
    Dysk is my tasty chimichanga. <3
  • StormChaos - Heavens TearStormChaos - Heavens Tear Posts: 141 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Storm: " Why have you put me in armour that looks like a dress ? "
  • Ms_HopToIt - SanctuaryMs_HopToIt - Sanctuary Posts: 914 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Ms_Hop would probably say: "Dang, get me some more clothes. I'm tired of running all over perfectworld looking naked. oh yea, not to mention there's dudes staring at me too. x.x"
  • Graviora - DreamweaverGraviora - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,073 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Grav: I'm sick of doing the same thing over and over again while you just put something heavy on your IH key and run afk! I have to sit here and do all the work for you!!

    b:chuckle It was only once during RB Gamma...
  • Random_ - DreamweaverRandom_ - Dreamweaver Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Random_: Noob. That is all.
    My 'sin: QQ I'm not a tank!?
    My Wizzie: QQ I'm not a tank!

    LA Fox-Veno, Psy, Pure Wizzie, LA Wizzie, HA 'sin, and Barb in the works
    Playin' since April of '09
  • Konariraiden - Heavens TearKonariraiden - Heavens Tear Posts: 6,505 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    KonariRaiden says: Can you please buy me a cooler, manlier set of fashion? I mean, I know you're a fan of the Japanese Yukata, but everyone else just thinks it's a dress...or pajamas. Oh, and you NEED MOAR BLADE TEMPEST!!

    Yeah, it's me. Don't read to much into it, though; I'm only here for myself now, killin' time and chillin' when need-be. So sue me. Tch...
  • Pot_Head - HarshlandsPot_Head - Harshlands Posts: 701 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    xD my character would probable tell me to buy some fashion and to stop doing quests in my underwear :x
  • Yindra - SanctuaryYindra - Sanctuary Posts: 784 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    "Why do I need to that ****... it's not going to make any difference anyway. Isn't there any fun to be had somewhere?"
    Storm: " Why have you put me in armour that looks like a dress ? "

    You're not the first to ask that. Search for "Big Blue Dress" on sites such as Youtube (I don't dare posting a link to a video that was shot in another game, no matter how famous the video might be. The song is original, by the way, not stolen)
    Slow progress, game is getting way too grindy :-( Quests I still hope to be able to do some day: FB39, General Feng
  • Delahk - SanctuaryDelahk - Sanctuary Posts: 100 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Delahk (Cleric) : Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums.

    MaouDelahk (psychic) : Why the hell did you make me look like that emo ***** Sasuke from Naruto?

    MadoushiDel (wizard) : Damn, I look so fiiiiiiine.

    Yovana: You know, I can do more than just help you and that wife of yours to open TT >_>
  • Glaicez - DreamweaverGlaicez - Dreamweaver Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Glaicez will probably say "GET ME A HERC! NAO!!!"
  • NinnaXXX - SanctuaryNinnaXXX - Sanctuary Posts: 430 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    lol my cleric would say: " T-T why do i always get chased by mobs no fair, you should come and try running through a whole cave ! "
    The greatest danger for most of us
    is not that our aim is too high
    and we miss it
    but that it's too low and
    we reach it.
  • Belgare - SanctuaryBelgare - Sanctuary Posts: 210 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    "My **** is cold because of this stupid Yukata you bought me with HOLES in it."
  • MagicHamsta - Lost CityMagicHamsta - Lost City Posts: 10,466 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Magichamsta: Dx me has a hamster controlling me every move......b:surrender
    darthpanda16: Firefox crashed on me. Aryannamage: I don't think I am a GM that would be new.
    Hawk:Do this. closing thread
    frankieraye: I'll see if we can replace the woman with a stick figure and the tiger fangs with marshmallows.//Issues like these need to get escalated quickly to minimize the damage.
    Kantorek: Yeah.. you should try it. It's awesome.
    Sihndra: Nope- not currently possible under any circumstances. Sorry.
    LokisDottir: I mean...not haunting the forums, nope nope..
    Konariraiden: You don't know what you are up against. You will lose.
    Waiting for...Hamster Packs!
    58% chance to get tokens
    41% chance to get an all class pet hamster....but they has already been freed by the magic hamster.
    1% chance to get ban hamstered with the message "Hamsters United!"
  • Aurores - Heavens TearAurores - Heavens Tear Posts: 360 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    "I appreciate the build you gave me, but at least let me get some wines next time you want to solo BH69 or even 79 for someone without a pet QQ"
    Retired b:bye
  • XanZerstorer - DreamweaverXanZerstorer - Dreamweaver Posts: 505 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    BM, about me: SOMEONE STOP THAT GUY WHO'S CONTROLLING ME!!! He got me nearly killed again, WTF is going through this dude's head??!! Must be someone who rolls over pedestrians with his car and says he's AOEing everything. Gawd. And if you could hear him laughing madly... IT'S A GAME XANDER! You can stop cackling now.

    And I can't believe he made me look like him, on top of that. Fail man, fail.


    ... Wish he'd talk to me more often. I must look like a madman IRL when I play this game.
    Due to constant PMs: I'm not German, sorry folks D:
  • Evb - Heavens TearEvb - Heavens Tear Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Evb: "What, so she (alt) gets all the new stuff while I have to farm everything? And now I have to share my things as well (account stash)?! I want new stuff!"
    "I understand the logic. This logic isn't very useful when in use"

    "Not many people look inside deer"

  • Elenacostel - Heavens TearElenacostel - Heavens Tear Posts: 2,822 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    "Why oh why did you give me a name that is Romanian? Are there Elves in Romania? No, there aren't. I have had over 20 random idiots ask me if I am Romanian, across multiple servers! What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you come up with a more Elvish-sounding name? Or, at least, a name that is, I don't know, LESS ROMANIAN!"
  • Gve - SanctuaryGve - Sanctuary Posts: 114 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    archer=why don't you gear me properly
    my reply=waiting for my gear that not here yet
    hell gate london rocks best fps game ever wanting hell gate ressurection out this year

    Status-semi afk log on when i want
  • Raviste - Heavens TearRaviste - Heavens Tear Posts: 288 Arc User
    edited April 2010
    Raviste: "If I have 100 coins for every time you get me killed, I could probably afford a lunar helm. >.>"

    Retired - Radiance
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