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Winner of 10million coins contest

singettersingetter Posts: 12 Arc User
edited March 2010 in Etherblade (West)
Congratulations. The first winner of the 10million coins contest is Chaotica_

Screen Shots of the trade happening will be posted for those who doubt its legitimacy. I encourage all to congratulate her on her winning. Thank you all for entering. A second winner will be picked within the next week. I encourage further applications. I have received many, however, most have lacked detail. Applications are still being accepted and will continue to be until I find another deserving individual.



PS: If you received an email stating you have received a runner up prize, please contact me with a time that will work for you, so we can conduct the trade.
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  • Evb - Heavens TearEvb - Heavens Tear Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited March 2010
    Oh? Was this a writing contest on how Israel has the right to exist, blah blah blah, and all the other **** you were subjecting us to in WC last night?
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