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i got this idea from using a bow untamed hunter in other mmos the hunter class skills differ from archer the hunter class skills focus on wearing down the enemy making him easier to kill while the archer skills focuses on doing heavy dmg with a bow the hunter class uses the same weapons as the archer but they also use swords to take on the enemy at close range i'll list 3 hunter skills and 1 passive skill as a example "armor shot an attack that does fair amount of dmg and has a 50% chance of reducing the enemies phiycal def by half for 30 seconds" skill 2 "death strike a heavy dmg skill it does 1000 dmg with a 10% chance of insta killing a enemy in 1 hit" skill 3 "1,000 arrows the hunter hits the foe with 1,000 arrows for 1000 dmg and it negates phyical def" and the passive hunter skill "hunter's sight the hunter uses sences 2 hunt and permently raises accuarcy" so the the hunter can hit more easily" i hope this lays the foundation for the class 2 be come real PWI players tell me what u think
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    I'm all for this, I didn't read it but as is the case in many MMO's new classes are QQed about. This would take the heat off the Tideborn.
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    Just let us make a class which looks a bit fishy, can shoot arrows, tame pets, use axes, daggers, magical stuff and fly with wings from the start. He should also be able to heal, use every not mentioned weapon and be able to wear a hybrid of all amour at the same time.

    What I am trying to say is that hunter seems like a tamer and we already have venomancers for that and we have the archer for using arrows.
    Why make classes that can do anything? In other games there are hunter classes but then that hunter class is the archer and Is the class which tames pets. If they start to mix all classes then why not make a multi hybrid or something. But this is just my opinion, take it or leave it.
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    but a hunter in real life a hunter hunts and kills for food 2 provide for his family the class is based off of that concept and applied in that manner mentioned and cause the barb is a heavy armor charcter this class will make it a light armor fighter cause it can wield swords as well as bows and crossbowsand the stat application for the hunter would be 1 vit 1 str and 3 dex every lvl with 5 mag every few levels
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    Riiiiight, a skill that would have 10% chance of instakilling you. How cute.
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    *reads till the word instakill*

    Eehm, nob:bye
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    Instakill? -finally reads the post- HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It'd be worth standing this damn TB QQ for a millenium to NEVER get this class added to the game.
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    ive seen some games with a hunter type class.
    here is wut i think it should be like ok so there is 2 paths you could use one tht uses xbows & the other skill path uses dual blades swords or daggers & then there is a seperate path for skills tht let you summon different pets (only can have 1 out at a time) tht have different strengths like they can summon wolves for lets say 30 minutes wolves have high speed high evasion & high accuracy & high atk & lowish defence.
    & then there is another pet they can summon a tiger tht has high health & high defense
    o almost forgot when the pets health is gone it desummons also of course they should have a skill to heal this could be like male version of veno just my take on it on a side note my brain hurtsb:surrender
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    skill 2 "death strike a heavy dmg skill it does 1000 dmg with a 10% chance of insta killing a enemy in 1 hit"

    instant OHKO move in online game is not good b:surrender
    Btw, since we already has archer, hunter shouldn't use ranged weapon and can't use dagger since we already has assassin.

    So . . what left ? Whip i guess ? b:sad (the one that not used yet but the item exist in database)
    Anyway these make me remember my old suggestion : Beast Master class.
    Has capability to capture some wraith beast that venomancer unable to catch, however beast master don't has instant pet heal like venomancer, and their pet does not hold agroo.
    Make beast master them self must become the tank and the pet help them. b:shutup
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    i forgot say about the second skill that if used in pvp death srtrike will not autokill a player in a pk but in territory war and call to duty battles it auto kill effect will effect enemies in those areas cause the mobs in fb battles are hard 2 kill even for a low level player can easly kill the player in a few hits the skill evens the odds with the 10% chance in mmos is very low so it has a small chance of auto killing a foe
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    I want one b:pleased
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    Definatly a good call there with lesseneing the effect of instant kill in a pvp environment, and the Increased running ability definatly makes sence
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    Oh my. Have you never heard of periods? Your message is so hard to read!
    And no such a great idea in my opinion. Instakill = suggestion box overload and QQs +++