<.< THis was the only forum i can put my **** in..xD

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Bad English whats the prob???

kk i will tell that im sick of ppl who say.".that ur english sux.."
And not many ppl can good english..but at all they try..
then some stupid ppl came and say thsy sux to write ..<.<
I can't belive ..that ppl give fook in what other ppl feeel..

Think ur best huh??

kk STop think ur best on the game..its 23423423424 ppl in this world NOT only you!

Stop call ppl NOOB!
all have been noobs! why call otthers noob???

PLZ think before post:^<

kk this my sh111t hope y understad the probb:cry

kk srry if THIS worng forum!!!
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    Thread full of hate, open for flaming + first post b:victory

    First of all, not everybody is like that, tho, it is annoying to try to figure out what some ppl is saying, since it does not make sense at all, so, I know my English is not perfect, but at least I try my best to make it something ppl can read and understand, even if it means telling myself "Go google that" when I am not certain of how to spell a word.

    So, on top of that, red wall of text, not too attractive or polite, then, stop the bloody hate, if you English is not perfect, and ppl QQ or complain, just be like me and tell them to go b:angry in hell.

    Then, try to improve it, not for them, for yourself, as a personal goal, to be not the best but above average.

    Picture somebody speaking incorrectly and blabbering your native language and then expecting you to understand them, that is messy, and I should know, since I am not a native speaker, and beside English, I got my Italian classes, my French classes and a crazy loud mother screaming stuff in Spanish while I game.

    Have a nice day

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    this probably could have gone in off-topic or GD >_>
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    Actually there's over 6.5 billion people in this world....
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    inb4lowerde--oh, wait.

    This thread doesn't even dignify a troll response from me. I'm out.


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    i didnt even understand that
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