Giant wings ?



  • Kilnox - Harshlands
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    Stop complaining.

    Or haven't you seen how big Dark Negation elf wings are? No?

    Then shut up.

    Making wings bigger wont make them look better, it will look like they were before (crappy). The only thing it changed it's that i cant see amount of dmg my sin took while in air, and it covers mobs im fighting.

    If some kiddos were complaining TB wings r too small then do new ones, bigger - huge like a house even. I bought mine ones cuz i liked its size, and now what? I have to buy another ones??

    And for all those "QQ more" post: QQ! I want to wings resize back!
  • Euphy - Dreamweaver
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    Can I make a real complaint about a change to cash shop wings? My elven Iridesence were bought at 3,2/6,2m/s and now they go 3,0/6,0. I wish they'd just made them a little bigger.
  • Opalwind - Heavens Tear
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    i just logged in and saw some tideborns flying. those wings are so big it looks weird. b:surrender
  • Kristoph - Lost City
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    hai guise im an aeropwane
    Wondering how much longer these **** packs are going to be around.
  • MoonUsagi - Heavens Tear
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    Btw, i wonder about these all thing . . since tideborn right now is exclusive for pw international.

    Could it be . . ._. . . in the future tideborn aerocraft for other PW version will be different from here . . b:surrender
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  • Laurrella - Dreamweaver
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    I would prefer the wings be more proportional to character size but at the very least, like some others have pointed out, they get in the way of what you can see at times forcing you either to go into 1st person mode or pull back so far it's hard to target visually.
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  • Freani - Raging Tide
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    can anyone send or instruc me how to make demon wings and where to find the materials thnx
  • Maragon - Dreamweaver
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    you cant make wings. any wings other than the lvl 30 quest reward wings have to be purchased from the cash shop.

  • Vinat - Sanctuary
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    they did this many many patches ago, all of the cash-shop tideborn wings have since been grossly over-sized, and the pink ones (forget the name) have the little spokes (the part that "attaches" the wings to the character's body) coming out of the toon's neck. i've since stopped playing my tideborns because it looks completely ridiculous. they really should bring them back to normal size and just keep the stupid npc-wings larger, as those were the ones people were complaining about from the start.
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    I dunno, I kinda like my assassin looking like a freaking airplane...

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    I dunno, I kinda like my assassin looking like a freaking airplane...


    icwutudidthar =_=

    I actually like the 5 gold wings(can't remember the name); they look more like fins instead of a lightshow. The glowing green wings (dreamchaser?) would be nice if they were smaller. Same with the wildfire wings. they looked cool when they were smaller (in an 'evil angel descending from heaven' kinda way), now they just look stupid.

    Oh, and necro
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    Not too big of a necro, but still a necro. At least it's not pulled from 2008 again.