Who's going to roll a Tideborn on expansion launch?



  • CherryMuffin - Harshlands
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    OMG I AN SOOOO PUMPED THE EXPAN. IS GOING TO BE TONIGHT BUT I DONT START IT TILL MORN. but on thing do tideborn have a demon mermaid form cause in trailor they are mermaids then darkness falls blah blah blah (have a second game talks about it boring!!) they are very cool in mermaid but in land when they show one race attck. it looks like mermaid man got smacked in the face and made him look cool and hot o.O (tideborn is fav class have not played it tho D: love it now cause im a swimer :D) but i cant wait o.o o.o o.o o.o
  • Lunarii - Lost City
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    Sin ftw
    Gosh, i'm excited
  • Hyden_Brook - Heavens Tear
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    I choose DarthPanda

    "At last, we will reveal ourselves to the perfect world, at last we will revenge " b:chuckle

    DarthPanda FTW ! b:victory
  • vanillaquill77
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    im gonna be a male psychic, named vanillaquillb:victoryb:laughi can't WAIT to plaaaayb:surrenderthis wait is killing meDX>
  • ShoeFury - Sanctuary
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    I'm gonna roll a psychic, probably getting it to lvl 40+, then deciding whether continuing with it or starting playing on my wiz again. I got the name ready, hopefully it isn't taken...
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  • Kellynn - Dreamweaver
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    Will you go male or female?

    Will you go Psychic or Assassin?

    How will you play your choice?

    How will you re-sort your Factions?

    How will the new classes fit into how you play Territory Wars?

    I want feedback!! Suggestions!

    There is no aqua panda, what will I do?? b:pleased > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCHFVTQKqdQ b:thanks

    going for assasin b:laugh
  • Yuiko - Dreamweaver
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    I wanna role a female psychic I think. I'm more into magic than melee fighting. ^.^ I can't wait.
  • DeathOfDark - Sanctuary
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    But no feedback?? b:sad

    hey GM it would be useful for newbs if there is something like a required amt of stats for doin a spiritual culti qst for every race it kinda differs b:thanks

    i had to delete my bl master twice to get it rite to put the stats rite b:surrender then i created this barb
  • Eriosu - Heavens Tear
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    I'll be an assassin, my girlfriend will be a psychic. And we will rule the world. b:chuckle
  • Heartstone - Dreamweaver
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    an alt of each still on dw.

    but seeing as assasin seems squishy and caster enver rly been me much, i dunno xD
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  • Kiralsha - Heavens Tear
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    I might..if I care enough to...I kinda don't play all that much anymore. Got to the point where you could spend $200 on the game and still have ****. If the prices end up going up..again cause the expansion...I doubt I will care enough to stay on to hit lvl 10.
  • DeathOfDark - Sanctuary
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    ill mostly create a assassin
    a male one
    ill play like a newb cause ill be new to the race
    srry but i am not in a faction so i dont need to resort anything
    ive not been to TW as i am not in a faction
    my suggestion is on the first post i made here which is post 189
  • Centll - Dreamweaver
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    Will you be prepared to handle them in PvP? b:victory
    no i wont be able to handle them there coming to get me b:shockedb:cry
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  • TraLi - Sanctuary
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    I will be playing female, because I am female irl, and also because I like the fact that I can get guys to carry me around when I go afk =p
    I will be trying both classes, but I have always liked rouge classes a lot in other games and have always wondered why PW didn't have one.
    Since I am so close to lvl 100 now, I am certain that this will not become my main character, just kind of a diversion for me when there's not much else to do. Nonetheless I expect I will level one up pretty high.
    I won't be reorganizing my faction lol?
    I will leave the "handling" to someone else and just out-heal their damage like I always do b:victory
    I imagine TW is gonna be funny in a few months.. *pictures 20 psychics and venos and another 60 stealthed assassins that gank everyone* b:chuckle

    I kind of wonder how delta will work with the new classes.. hmmmm.
  • Gohanssj - Heavens Tear
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    im gonna be making both an assassin and a psychic and whatever one i like best (within the first 10 lvls of course) i will make my main char and mail everything that isn't bound over to it from my old main as for gender its hard to decide lol i know im a male but female tide born are just awesome looking b:dirty i think the assassin male and psychic female