If you submitted a ticket in the last 24 hrs. - Please READ!

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If you submitted a ticket in the last 24 hrs. - Please READ!

Please submit it again, we most likely did not receive it due to a web programming error.

We apologize for the issue, they have been updating some things across our website.

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    So you were **** too!
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    I got **** in my account May 23 and i submitted a ticket ,,,, hope you got it if not tell me so i can provide the information and details ,, plz GM's i need your help badly , i'm a lvl 72 barb , and when i logged on my barb all my tt70 gear,mystical tomb with +3vit +4str, and clamity axes were gone ,,, everything was gone , and the hacker put a safe code on my account ,,, when i saw that i change my login password , but i really need you help on tracing the person who did it ,,,.....if you can trace ,,, from May 23, 2009 the log times and if there were repeatingly large amounts of sent out mail from my barb,,, i'm thinking thats what the hacker did.. cause my barb is naked , and i never bought ZEN, all my barb is equiped with was from mass grinding and PWI coins in game ,,, i spend many countless days, and hours playing PWI to massively build my Barb ,, and now shocked that it dissapered in a matter of one day ,, PLZ help me GM's.............b:sadb:beg
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