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ok im super confused are the charm prices permenantly downed to bronze only being 80 silver silver down to 2 gold and 50 silver and gold down to if i remember correctly 4 gold? or is that just a unannounced timed event/sale cause i looked thru 3 pages in the announcements and couldnt find if it was permenant or just timed could someone tell me it would be very apprieciated
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since i cant add a pic cause it keeps saying invalid file/invalid URL i guess i add text im a average player not to hardcore :D


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    its been that way for the past 2 month or so since i started playing, so either u are very behind times or u are confusing certain prices. When i started playing there was no sale or anything for charms and since its still here i am assuming the prices are permanent until PW decides they want to mess around with it
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    the reason i asked is cause when i first played this (back when PWI was first released) the prices were 1 gold for bronze and 3 gold for silver and the gold charm wasnt even out yet then i quit for a bit and now im back (i quit cause i was testing many diff mmos and so far this one was the best i could play for free so i came back) and now the prices have changed so it confused me