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Shores Turtle?

Peritia - Lost CityPeritia - Lost City Posts: 397 Arc User
edited January 2009 in Venomancer
Been thinking of grabbing a Shores Turtle (Lv.38), since it's around my level and has a nice set of skills (and since I won't be using it that often, not raising it from Lv.5 isn't important). I can't seem to find any information on where they are.

Anyone know where they are, or if they're in game for that matter? (If not, what are the next turtles above and below it in level?)

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  • Lazyluna - Heavens TearLazyluna - Heavens Tear Posts: 233 Arc User
    edited January 2009
    They don't exist.

    The turtles closest in level are:

    Lv.27 Saint's Lake Tortoise King (244,341)
    Lv.51 Tortoise Everlasting (638,940)

    And here's a table on the Turtle family:


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  • Peritia - Lost CityPeritia - Lost City Posts: 397 Arc User
    edited January 2009
    Boo, shame they don't exist.

    Thanks for all the information, and the link to that site! Very handy!
  • Just_cool - Lost CityJust_cool - Lost City Posts: 372 Arc User
    edited January 2009
    u'll have some quests at water mobs around lvl 53-54, just get the lvl 51 turtle, use it, than throw it, and for higher lvl: lvl 80 celestial plumpfish
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  • saidjesaidje Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited January 2009
    I dumped my Undine Supreme and used the Tortoise Everlasting for the shark quests from City of Misfortune.
    It worked out great.

    I found them right off the water's edge from Ancient Peak headings towards City of Misfortune around 639 921 but it's the same general area.

    There are only a couple sharks around there with three Tortoises swimming around. The Tortoise doesn't aggro and was easy to tame using the a level 41 Undine to lower it's HP.

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