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Moon Watcher Tower Vs Icebound Underworld

xxxthekidxxxxxxthekidxxx Posts: 38 Arc User
Reward or daily rewards from these two places are completely different, why are they sharing an entry key.

Icebound Underworld’s rewards are for progressing your charts, cards and glyphs as well as other things. Therefore, it is really important for people to do it regularly.

While Moon Watcher Tower is only for g17 weapon, and there are already few other ways of acquiring them.

Moreover, the rewards from Moon Watcher Tower are not tradable and the important items are chance based.

What do you think people will chose? As a result it will be hard to make squads and so on.

If anyone noteworthy looking at this, please make the necessary changes, if possible, thanks.


  • plushie666plushie666 Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited July 16
    The new instance is good, cuz its not longer 'pay to win' to get a good weapon.
    They decreased the chance for 'free' players to get a g17c4 wep by 6years (from 7years to almost 1year maybe less!) .
    And thats is a good thing.

    Faction trials reward is changed, so yes people need Icebound underworld(999) to upgrade there star chart and other stuff more then before.

    Sad thing is the new instance also shares the key for icebound underworld (999) .
    I dont mind about that, only thing that they shoud change is make the damn key STACKABLE !!!

    Also thinking about finance for ARC games, when new people joins the game, it woud be better if they can do both instances.
    No charging for star chart stuff but for g17 wep they woud do...

    Have a nice day all :)

  • werewolves#6809 werewolves Posts: 129 Arc User
    What people fail to realise is that 999 in general has a gear requiment to join which most new players cannot achive very easily. So to begin with MWT is good to spend the key on to build up a knowledge of more complicated instances as it provides gear to run it (the only issue may be passives which should always be a priority).

    There has also been a surge in at least Dawnglory of people trying to get "op" squads of mostly r9s to farm the last boss, so it is significantly harder for g16s to get into it.

    As to the issue reguarding the starchart I will state this - DO HEAVENFALL TEMPLE. In the last run I did for a char I was lvling up I recived:

    22x - Astrobana Pearl lvl 1
    19x - Astrobana Pearl lvl 2
    3x - Astrobana Pearl lvl 3
    14x - Astropira Pearl lvl 1

    which is rather a decent amount for a very new char to progress with once they get their first chart. Key note though is that I only got a few rooms past 99 as I was a non rb 89 sb in 85 gear, could of gotten to 108 but would of taken several hours for the later rooms and deemed not worth it as by this point I had hit 100 so I could rb.

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