PWCN - Territory Wars changes coming 06/09/21

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The next update will bring the new class, Demon Monkey.
But that's not all, They will change the Territory Wars Event, so here are some details of these changes

Change in TW bidding system:
- Now all clans with territory can make up to 3 moves simultaneously, however it is only possible to attack 1 territory per week.
- If the bid fails, the Leader receives 90% of the bid cost as "compensation".

Change in TW system:
- Territories have point system based on territory level:
Territory of Lv 1 = 10 points (there are 2);
Territory of Lv 2 = 5 points (there are 7);
Territory of Lv 3 = 1 point (there are 43);

- New award system based on the territory's points system:
Lv 1 Territory = Receives Territory Rewards Certificate * 10
Lv 2 Territory = Receives Territory Rewards Certificate * 5
Lv 3 Territory = Receives Territory Rewards Certificate * 3

- Weekly prize:
The Leader can randomly gain Moon Crystal and 1 item that lasts 7 days that I didn't find ingame "护国金钺";

This system calculates the probability as follows:
Territory of Lv 1 = 10/Number of occupied territories
Territory of Lv 2 = 5/Number of occupied territories
Territory of Lv 3 = 1/Amount of occupied territories
"The more territories occupied by the clan and the higher the level of occupied territory, the more likely it is to be selected."

When TW starts:
2 min after the start the towers are born
5 min after the start the first dragon is born (it's only 1 at a time)
the team that deals the last blow on the dragon gains 2 Catapults for 10 minutes
2 min after the Catapults are gone the next dragon is born (they alternate between the two)

The Catapult system remains the same, you need to buy the item on the npc and use it to pull it, if it goes too far it "loses control" and starts to lose HP until it destroys itself or someone recaptures

Catapult only attacks towers and crystals and always prioritizes the tower before the crystal (even if it's closer)

there are 6 towers in total, 2 in each lane, 1 forward and 1 inside the castle. The crystal only loses immune after the 6 towers are destroyed
in the guide they explain that when the forward falls, the intern is immune for 5 minutes, but he suggests that it's only the lane that fell that gets the immunity, so the players could go to the sides and take them down

2 new things:
First, if you die you have the revive/back to town buttons locked for 30 sec, only after that time they release for you to choose an action.

Second, the respawn location is now a safe zone

standard rules:
- only enter tw after 100 hours in the faction;
- limit of 80 players on each side;
- chi is reset when entering TW;
- on the map you don't see the enemies location;

To declare an attack now the Leader uses the Faction window(G)
Added a TW ranking

The faction member can access this advantage buff in the faction window

The map, in those rectangles is where the Dragons will spawn and the numbers are the teleport points

The Dragons

The 10 minutes catapults we get after killing a dragon

Facing the Tower

The Crystal that can be attacked just after the 6 towers are down



  • hokker#1570
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    Update, about the ''faction buff'', according to my researches the ''baidi's armed blessings'' is the equal gear buff
    ''Before the start of each city battle, if the difference in points between the offensive and defensive gangs is large, a certain amount of Baidi’s armed blessings will be given to the party with the lower points. A city battle is more fair and challenging.''

    Here's the newer post about the TW changes
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    Please clarify.... "Now all clans with territory can make up to 3 moves simultaneously, however it is only possible to attack 1 territory per week." make up to 3 moves, but can only attk one per week... what else besides attacking would constitute as a move?
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    I understood it as each faction can have 3 tws per week. So no more 4 way ganks. At most 2 defensive tws if that faction has a successful attack bid that week. (Im hoping I'm wrong though)
  • hokker#1570
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    whoever has territory can make up to 3 moves in different territories bordering the faction's territory, in that the leader will have to choose the primary, secondary and tertiary bid. When the bids finish the system will check if the primary bid has passed, if it passes the other two will automatically fail. If it doesn't pass the system will check the second move, if it passes the third it automatically fails, if it doesn't pass it will check the third move.
    you can't make 3 moves in the same territory in this case, it always has to be in different territories and it doesn't have to be exactly 3 moves, it can be 2
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    I'd like to get excited over new TW, but considering the total lack of competitiveness of our playerbase, 90% of which instead wants to sit comfortably in the strongest faction, we're not going to play it anyway. All 4 servers have no TW right now most of which haven't had any for years. And even if PWI merged all 4 servers, all the people will instantly apply to Infamous like a bunch of desperados, and Infamous will accept them all like a bunch of desperados. But the changes look nice on paper, I hope it comes with an entirely new playerbase that actually wants to PvP.