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PWI Discord Channel

ayejay101ayejay101 Posts: 238 Arc User
Hey all!

I've made a Discord channel for all of you to chat, share, and fantasize all you want about PWI, or not.
This could be a web-based program, or client, or even your smartphone app! The choice is yours!


Discord is a nice, new, free voice program that is very simple to use.
This is still in development and slowly making progress to become better and the new thing to be.

Currently it is making moves to replace Skype group chats and Team Speak; working its way to replace Vent soon!
So you can continue to pay for some of these other voice/chat programs or join discord!!

Just write @Green once you're in Discord so I could designate your server/Nickname

GreenLegend Cleric 105-105-105
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