Mystic or Veno

Returning to the game and I have to nab toons that I can choose between. I don't have enough time to develop both. Which, between veno/myst, has bigger impact in svs/tw/xnw? I know they say veno's have some broken combos but I've seen some myst in vids 1shotting peeps like crazy as well. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    If I'm being honest, it really depends on the player. There is a lot of variables to consider when choosing between 2 classes.
    Since you already mentioned that you'll be choosing either of them for a bigger impact in svs/tw/xnw, my vote would be for mystic. But, if you're not willing to put in some effort in farming r9r3 or give a lot of money to obtain that gear, I'd say go for veno instead. Veno can easily join PvE squad due to their debuffs just like bm.
    Overall, go for mystic if you're going mainly for PvP assuming you can afford to obtain the gears needed for it to be OP which you've seen in videos.
    Anyways, good luck and hope you make the right decision!
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    As a myst main I'd say go for venoms, myst is just a punch bag without any good dbuff and group buff, the only op thing on it is the fast heal everything else is a worst version of other classes. Now with pets being times mystics can't even lock a target or use the energy leech skill like before since summons have now 3 mins cd. Venoms have tons of dbuffs and self buffs, almost impossible to kill a venom at end game even if it's alone, their pets can 1shot you and ofc I won't move since they have tons of ccs also with have no chi at all.
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    A "jack of all trades" profession can fill a lot of different roles, even if they aren't exceptional at all of them. A venomancer is great at debuffing and some degree of control on key targets, but it doesn't mean that a Mystic cannot shine at what it does through its flexibility.

    It comes down to whether or not you as a player have the proper mindset to adjust quickly to different situations between attacking, healing others and using what control options you do have
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