How do I get a Missing Quest?

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My character Zaurac does not have a needed quest and the quest is not available at The Elder of the Streams to be picked up, the quest is called "The Light Returns". This quest is needed to continue to upgrade the Primal Boundaries and is needed to get in to Neverfalls. I sent in a ticket and they claim they can not help, I was told "GMs cannot restart or modify your quest progress", what is the next step to get the quest?


  • sc55
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    I forgot to mention I meet all the requirements needed to get the quest. I am RA2, 103/103/104 and Twilight 10.
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    as far as i remember after you take the quest look in your quest log you will need to do different one's 3 all up i think you have to talk to npc you get to talk too this line of quest's are all white quest's hope this helps you also make sure you don't have excess quest's other wise you may not get or take them
  • sc55
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    Anyone else heave some input on this?
  • memegirl2
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    Make sure you quest log has enough room to get it..may be full
  • obielle
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    Hmm I'm not seeing anything unusual in the quest requirements. For the quest "The Light Returns" that should just be a popup quest that you get automatically, even if you try to trash it and even if you're on a different map. I'll see if I can check the quest on some alts in case there is some weird issue with the quest.

    Only suggestions I can really give at the moment is to make sure quest log is not full, make sure you're not in a transformation form (like tiger/panda form), try relogging, and possibly check for other quests in the chain in case you already did the first quest. There's a list of the quests here:
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple