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Attackcharms not working with g17 weapon

lichtfuerstlichtfuerst Posts: 31 Arc User
So everytime I equip my g17.3 psychic weapon "Blessed Dawn" I cannot equip the magic attack charms for lvl 12-17 weapons "Lost Aether Amulet".
If I equip my r9 weapon and the attack charms and later switch the weapon then the attack charms do not apply on the skills used.


  • mitapi#9696 mitapi Posts: 28 Arc User
    I was told (but have not experienced) that if the attack charms are old (from Invitation Scrolls before g17 were a thing) they may bug out for grade 17 weapons. It should be fixable by putting your current attack charms in the bank, buy just like one new attack charm with lucky coin, and put the old charms on top of the new ones.

    Hopefully that will do it
  • lichtfuerstlichtfuerst Posts: 31 Arc User
    Thank you that worked.

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