Tideswell: Increased lag-spikes and disconnect issues

Hello all,

I would like to ask who else is having serious lag-spike issues to the point of disconnecting on the Tideswell server.

Personally I've had a massive increase in disconnects since a few weeks, and I've noticed a lot of my fellow faction members complain about it too.

My internet connection is very stable, I have no issues of disconnecting with any other game nor server. All the faction members I've talked to or witnessed complaining about the continuous disconnecting, have similar stories.

So... anyone else having these issues on Tideswell?


  • silvershoes
    silvershoes Posts: 2 Arc User
    I've been having this issue too, especially in the past 3 weeks. I have no internet connection issues and all other games run fine.
  • drheal
    drheal Posts: 132 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    Well there is increased internet traffic with the quarantines. There was one article that a few streaming platforms were lowering video quality, and another that netflix was struggling. So while PWI might not have experienced a surge of players to the server, the server could host other games, or just general network / isp congestion. Who knows!
  • nadss
    nadss Posts: 21 Arc User
    I've had major ping issues just with tideswell server while not experiencing any problem playing on Dawnglory or west coast servers
  • gas2016#5086
    gas2016#5086 Posts: 72 Arc User
    Playing daily on TS and no lag spikes however one of my friends, living around 8 miles from my place, is having some internet issues. Still he plays almost 24/7 when not having other things to do.
  • silvershoes
    silvershoes Posts: 2 Arc User
    And then we have approx half the server DC like just happened 5 min ago... That has also been happening periodically.
  • darkv0id
    darkv0id Posts: 56 Arc User
    Bad lag in the game now, it was in the red when I logged off!