Maybe pwi persons should look at their promos, lol.

Some found a way to make billions.

How about a server roll back or should it be legal?


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    Whats going on with it?
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    I have heard of pills that immediately bring you to level 100 and make also your rebirths complete. If they put those pills back i would go back to playing, i miss this game so much
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    For anyone wondering what the bug was here it is in a nutshell 15 gold gave you 180mill in silver, would’ve been fine, but these notes are tradeable allowing players with alts to abuse the 48 hour transfer timer to convert all silver coin to gold meaning for 15 gold spent you could get 180mill

    If you were smart, since no items on sale, you’d take a net loss of 40mill to buy lv3 astrospira pearls, 3 gold each 2 gold on sale, for a profit of 140mill per 15 gold....

    This bugged promo was active for 6 hours allowing the smart players to max out Devil/serenity for under 600$ investment netting double charge points + 5.69bill coin a total of 1.51bill loss if factoring gold @8mill per + a total of 3.2bill after you sell all the lv3 pearls
    8.89 bill using this method for 600 gold vs
    4.89bill if sold non hs for 600 gold

    Keep in mind there was also double charge points and 15% spend bonus on all gold charged

    This bug was active for about 4-6hours before the tier 1 15 gold spend reward got hot fixed to 30 packs

    screenshots attached of what happened:
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    To answer the question of should there be a rollback...
    The plain and simple answer is no
    Players are not the brightest and bound the notes to their mains meaning all the potential profit from it now has to be farmed via Lunar runs

    There was also nothing on sale meaning if you bought anything out of the boutique besides the lv3 astrospiras you lost money doing this
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    tell me im wrong but i never saw binding charms so far on sales
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    Binding charms never have been on sale however they don’t stack and imagine trying to get 90 of them per toon to reach the 45 gold cap on the promo then selling them
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    Coupons? Easy 7m each aka 8m per gold. That is the only worthwhile iten atm roflmao...lv3 must like losing money...

    Also you people keep throwing around the world glitch so much..holy balls. Someone added those notes by mistake. It was a human mistake. That is the furthest from a glitch as it can possibly be. Maybe it also was intentional, giving players some silver for their ulfguard quests.

    The impact of this is ridiculously low since they fixed it quite fast and not many people could use it. If they did not have an alt that hasnt logged in in ages it was useless anyways.

    They even didnt rollback the 10* Orb fiasco way back in the day which was much worse and also was a human mistake + people actually legit abusing something they knew was wrong. This time? Many people use gold for spend on multiple chars literally any promo to get additional orbs and stuff anyways.
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    Ah yes, give customers the illusion they're buying into some kind of ''unique'' deal, this has to be a mistake! Surely it's an unintended glitch! Do not miss this unique opportunity!

    Or they are just baiting idiots into spending more money.

    Nah there's no way PWI knows how to milk their playerbase, this has to be a ''gift'' they gave us accidently.


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    seems legit Dingo lol