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I gave Chek Every single day in 2019 on the calendar. I got the monthly reward in the mornings, the night I went to check my calendar and found that the calendar marked that I didn't give Chek In on any day. So today the annual reward is not available. Anyone else have this problem?


  • spatzel
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    same for me too
  • iowabob
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    It happened to me as well. I sent in a report to PWI and received a ticket number 75570.

    I just received this reply:

    "Thank you for the report about the attendance issue. We do apologize for any problems that may have occurred. Unfortunately, there are no current full attendance reward items that we can provide at this time. The new year recently started and we regretfully don't have replacements available. However, we'll be checking if the specific items can be ready in the near future for affected users having issues with this year's rewards. We hope to have this handled within the next few weeks. If you have any other concerns, please let us know.

    In other words, thanks for playing our broken game. We don't care about you.

    This is ****.​​
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    Our patch version is always behind compared to China. That's why we get the 2018 attendance as there is no 2019 coded. We need the patch that has the 2019 attendance rewards. I believe it comes on december for China. So that would put us on around July/August version maybe?

    All left to do is wait for the right patch to come to us.
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    This is an issues every year.

    @iowabob Ive removed the GM name from your post as this hits Forum Rules. The post its self im happy to leave as it does not talk about anything sensitive and is good info for other users.

    I gave a few suggestions last year, I didn't have much hope that this would be addressed for this year. Please log a ticket with support for this issue.

    May be it will get some luck.

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    I do know this is China Holiday time? If i am right, they do nothing for weeks while they celebrate. Therefore, don't expect any if no help from them during this time. Honestly, even if no celebration, how much to they answer to concerns on this Forum? Except them posting to make more money from players, right?
    If wasn't for, heero200, we would have no insight or guidance what so ever outside of players concerns. Thank You heero200 for stepping up. Happy New Year All....2020!
  • iowabob
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    Hi @heero200

    Thanks for your reply. I did log a ticket (number 75570), and my post was a copy of the reply I received. The GM gave the impression that nothing was going to be done about this problem, even though it affected multiple users.

    When I think about the fact that I logged on almost every day, and bought attendance tickets to cover the few days that I somehow missed, I feel almost sick. I feel foolish for putting real money (not a lot, just $20 here and there to buy auto-pots and lightning teleport stones) into this game only to discover that my concerns can be so easily dismissed. Correcting the problem and providing the missing attendance items shouldn't be that difficult.

    I'll continue to play with my wife and friends, but I will never spend another dime if I don't receive the promised items.