Issues with Gem Stone Packages from Level 100 BH rewards

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So we now get these very nice Gem Stone Packages for reward from doing the level 100+ BH. We open the pack and choose a nice incomparable shard. We collect these up and go to the jewelcraftsman to combine them. But even though there is nothing in the description that says they can't be combined, the jewelcraftsman just looks at us like we are stupid! (The start button to combine is greyed out and you can't combine the shards). What is this all about? Will it be fixed sometime soon or should we just NPC the shards as useless to those of us wanting to combine the shards to higher levels than we have in our gear now? Has anyone seen any information if this is just something the GMs and Devs have overlooked or if it will be fixed in the future?


  • obielle
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    I think it's intended that they're not meant to be combined and that they forgot to add the extra info into the item's tooltip. Most bound stuff can't be combined into higher level stuff such as Dragon Orbs, so I assume it's the same for these shards too. I doubt they will add new recipes for the shards, so they're pretty much NPC food if you've already got better ones in your gear.
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    I wouldn't just throw those away, you can always use em on alts (if you have those) until you can get better ones. I upgraded one of my alts with these, and it does help a lot, esp since they're 'free'. I don't see myself spending 200M on vit stones for an alt i rarely play....
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    Pretty sure the description says they can't be combined to make higher level stones. Nope, I'm mistaken. I just trash then as you cannot put them in account stash.