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Needing Assistance on sage/demon Primal skill Switch

ok so I have already All my Upgraded Primal combined skills. Can I change those back to their original skills using the Cheap sage/demon item? and if it works will I lose my Neverfall skills to lv10 as well or will I Keep em as is? Thanks in advanced to the Polite Reply-ers.


  • mitapi#9696 mitapi Posts: 28 Arc User
    Generally speaking all skills thats thats demon/sage unique will reset back. This means of course all demon/sage skills will reset and most primal skills. The only primal skills that doesnt reset are the ones that are upgraded purely from non demon/sage skill(s). Good examples are Sacrifical Slash and Last Stand from seekers, which will not reset as they are not demon/sage specific.
    Neverfall skills are the exact same regardless if you are demon/sage thus not specific - therefore will not resetting. You will keep these.
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