Explain me "Paralyzed"

For example: Purify spell
"Makes you immune to movement impairing effects"

Let's analyse the situation:
- Paralyze knocks me over
- therefore impairs my movement
- Purify spell doesnt cancel this out
- There is NO exception called on the weapon effect, buff or debuff

The paralyze effects is broken beyond limits.


  • lonetedeman
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    If I recall, Purify Spell became an issue because it was a 0 cooldown proc on weapons. If you were in mass pvp, arcanes with purify spell could proc it multiple times as people tried to stick on them. At the time it was pretty busted, go full defense and u can escape any combos or setups through sheer luck. Paralyze was introduced and given to certain melee classes to counter the fact that arcane weapons came with the purify spell. Granted now u can get it on G17 weapons, but it has a cooldown.
  • mitapi#9696
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    Purify spell and the general icon known as "antistun" were introduced long before the paralyze effect. So at the time - the description held true.
    The word "paralyze" were even sometime used instead of freeze. Forexample theres a genie skill called "Remove paralyze" but it has absolutely nothing to do with what we know today as paralyze. It removes freeze.

    Paralyze were indeed introduced to counter purify spell and other anti stun skills.

    G17 purify spell does not have a cooldown (unless this were changed in the recent patch?) and is equal to the purify spell of r9.4 arcane weapons and r8 recasts. Only the R9.3 in our version is unique.

    Sadly we are bound to have these weird descriptions and Im sure it will only continue.