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The Art of Nation Wars

deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery Gamer ⭐⭐🐈Posts: 91 Community Moderator
Hello again everyone, had this idea of posting Nation wars but in an art form.
Just have to post a screenshot at end of nation war time as an art piece.

Or maybe we will find a certain pattern to the madness?
Guidelines to follow are.

1. Screenshot must be taken at the end of the nation war session or up to what you finish.
2. Just have fun with it & comment if you were surprised by the outcome of the match.
3. Open to all Servers to post or discuss.
4. Date & Team your on is optional but map is required to be posted.
5. What does your map look like to you in an art form?
6. Extra question - If you could improve yourself for next nation war match how would you do so?

Here's my starting post for 11/5/19


  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,353 Community Moderator
    edited November 2019
    I think Numbers really play a big part in who looses and who wins. Location in reference to the other servers also plays a big part in this but below is a factor in location.

    Tho ill throw this our their as well. Their is in my opinion a Server which appears to be a stronger when it comes to this kind of event.

    XNW Last 2 Weeks.
    2 Weeks ago and I cant remember the exact details but the server numbers where well unbalanced. The lead nation had over 30 players in front of the second nation and 100+ at one point on the nation with the lowest nation. Needless to say the server with the highest nation came first.

    1 Week ago, The server with the highest players was around 80+ to the lowest again. This week they did not win. The reason I put down was to do with server numbers on locations.

    LIGHT: 200 Flame: 230 Dark: 160 Frost: 110. From this you would expect Flame to win. But they did not. I think they came 3rd. Light came 1st and Dark Came 2nd Frost did come last however. My theory is simple Light and Dark had Flame and frost on one side and one on another. Committing more people to Flame than was needed for Frost. In Theory Flame could have had 360 People attacking its 230 people at any one point, Yes giving the numbers to Frost of course maybe reduces that by 100 ish. Where as light could have had 340 attacking it with a variance of 130 accounting for other nations at a 50/50 attack split.

    So Location and server numbers play a key in who wins and who looses.

    Ill do a write up this weekend as well.

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