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Ultimate water orb

Hi guys can anyone help me with this been doing the Water and Fire Quest for the Ultimate Water Orb and have killed the boss required for the item have killed the boss Alabaster Transience 4 times and yet no Ultimate Water Orb received any help would be great thx


  • baneofadbaneofad Posts: 5 Arc User
    oh that quest is buggy but is possible to complete it

    by look of it your at point where need both orbs in which case boss wont drop them for you anymore you gonna need few people doing same quest to help
  • trannylamiatrannylamia Posts: 30 Arc User
    If you are still looking for an Ultimate Water Orb I've got one for sale. My consignment shop is located on the Twilight Server in front of the Eldest Matchmaker in Archosaur.
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