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Kings of Battle of Survival

baambaammmbaambaammm Posts: 17 Arc User
edited November 3 in General Discussion
us we all know the Battle Royal a.k.a "Battle of Survival" here @pwi are all same gear,shards, etc. overall. even if u are skilled enough on your own class can have fun with it. BUT man. as i can see. i have sin 105/102/102 royal 3. woooping player's butt who has np set on my server. even if i use my main seeker vs sins whom i known as a noob outside battle of survival can whoop my butt too. dnt be silent about assassins skills. everyone still notice this one? pls bump and balance the damn fun. not just Sins :<


  • mistressmuertamistressmuerta Posts: 145 Arc User
    The problem is max gear does not = balanced. If they disable buffs and let you choose the shards in the gear that mode would be completely different. Certain classes do not have certain buff types for a reason. I'm not only referring to sins.
  • cosmosia1989cosmosia1989 Posts: 136 Arc User
    It is somewhat balanced but its a completely different meta. Also, compare just basic gear and no extra buffs vs full yellow buffs..both situations require vastly different playstyles. With no extra buffs anything is basically pretty balanced, all classes deal loads of damage and most classes cannot stand there and face-tank anything, no matter if they are seeker, bms, barbs and so on (tho later has a huge advantage due to Solid Shield, invoke and faith but most dont utilize that at all). Even underdog classes like Archer and Wizard are crazy powerful in this state and can obliterate people pretty damn fast. Sins can also kill quite fast but they also die pretty damn fast.

    With full yellow buffs...so basically 80% more base damage + 300 more Attack level, 150 def lvl, cap defense, 70-80k HP. This basically increases the damage output of any class far higher than it boosts survival stats...because of this, classes with fast attacks and lots of CC are at an advantage. Full yellow buffs vs full yellow buffs it is rather difficult to withstand a sins damage for example but ofc it is not impossible. It turns any class into nukes and that is exactly how you must play in there. Focus on either kiting the enemy and striking when your CC is ready or avoid key-skills from the enemy class and thus making it way harder for them to land the killing blow. People with vast knowledge of all classes are far superior in there, ofc, like 99% of the time, no matter which class I go in there with..I win. That is to be expected tho, given that I know any class in and out.

    I agree that it is a bit (VERY MUCH SO) disappointing that we finally have a mode with equal gears, where some underdogs could finally shine and prove how much better they are compared to overgeared people...welp, they dont put any effort in, at least not on Dawnglory. So far, at least I am kinda glad that all those overgeared nubs turned out to be exactly that, overgeared nubs and 100% fodder, no contest, thats nice but I would appreciate more competition, seriously...70% of the ppl just stand in there and afk..without even trying and those lower geared big mouths are also not much of a challange...

    Sure, the meta is completely different. ppl are used to be able to tank the world and have all time to plan their combos and such..not in BR and the same will be true in the new 3v3. You attack, you chain your saves and you either kill or be killed and that's that. if ppl expect to tank anything they will only get rekt in there. I hope ppl realize that asap so that they finally pose a decent challange for PvP-lovers.
  • alphadevil1991alphadevil1991 Posts: 20 Arc User
    seems u never fought a real SB, they are way more broken than sins. sins mostly have advantage in farming so they mostly outgear other players, but on equal gears they dont have much advantage. for sure there are some tryhards who going in full buffed and with charms/autopot.
    mostly worse is they gave all classes full attack lvls instead balance it with defense levels. also it would be fun to have a choice on weapon procs, like GoF isnt really the best for pvp.
    embarresed this daylie continues after the 2nd phase started. hoped so much on a new daylie like we had on other new content phases before.
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