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Hello everyone,
I have a question is there a cap level of things you can transmute at the npc? I made transmutation of several things, now it doesnt allow me to do more. Even in the alts of the same acc. Even 1 piece of anything the button shows grey. So its not excess. Is there anyway to reset, or i wont be able to use more transmutation thing anymore? Thank you


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 850 Community Moderator
    Have you got enough coins to do the transmutation? Each high level transmutation has a fee (it should be 20k silver coins if it hasn't updated). Low level transmutations don't have a coin fee.

    Also check to make sure you're building up enough Alchemy Points for the transmutation - you need 450 to begin a high level transmutation so you need to throw in multiple items.

    There is actually a limit of how much you can put in for a single transmutation, but it will tell you if you have too many alchemy points and you can just put less items in to fix that.
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