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The new coin system - Will it be for the greater good or bad for Pwi future ?

deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery Gamer ⭐⭐🐈Posts: 92 Community Moderator
Seeing as this is turning into a big debate lets give it a try among the community.

Alright we have the new coin system now & i see this going into one of two ways.

1. There will be a coin shortage & prices will go up on items.

2. Prices of goods will go down over time.

Or the 3rd option where we agree on a better price for items to keep players & things go back as normal.

Some are already Quit over this update, do you see this getting worse or better for the player base ?
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  • nowayoutgtx960nowayoutgtx960 Posts: 69 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    My only fear was that since jolly jones was a pwi excluvise quest, they could've made the huge mistake to allow Jt to give gold coins instead of silver but it seems that they couldn't bother with asking pwcn for a revamp on it, which is great.

    With jolly jones out of question, the amount of coin influx in game will drastically be reduced over the time, right now prices is the same because everyone that hoarded coins for years still have those big chunk of big notes, and consedering that everything ask for silver coins, its a massive coin sink just by playing everyday.

    Personally, its a great update for the game itself as it will stabilize the economy, however for me, which has limited time to play, new daillies, new passives, forced to do mbh for coins, this might be the time to finally look for a more casual game for me, time will tell.
  • kathiawellinakathiawellina Posts: 14 Arc User
    Well I have some hopes for this change. At first I was mad, that we gonna get bound coins, but when I found, that every NPC conversation asks for silver coins, its pretty neat. Only bad thing is, they haven't changed the item prices back to what they was before. Now they don't need to worry about F2P players & bots farming all day. I mean look. If i was able to farm silver coins like crazy, I could afford neverfall skills, which i lack mostly.
    I don't think it would hurt economy. But otherwise, it was great idea, to make NPC items and NPC trading conversations & Skills, even house is silver coins, that is pretty decent. I personally like it, that if I have enough silver coins, gold coins don't get touched. What I don't like about the new "Key"-System is, that you have chance to win there 10m silver coins. But on other hand that is useless money for most people who use Key System in first place. But yeah there is some things, that need to be done about that. I'd suggest a return of prices from Item drops. That would be at least a nice approach to F2P players and new players in general.
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  • laxlax Posts: 95 Arc User
    Well rumours are on pw cn and ru prices dropped within a few months by a lot. I don't see how there's going to be enough gold on the servers once the current 100's of billions get used up by players to upgrade their gear. People are going to start making MBH armies to hopefully make 3-30 mil a day from them. TW pay and Primal Boss might bring enough coin into the server but it's usually split between guild members weekly.

    On DA it looks like prices are dropping a bit already and not as many shops are up trying to merch.
  • hokker#1570 hokker Posts: 158 Arc User
    Well, less coins = less inflation right?
    With this maybe the gold(cash) become cheaper because people won't have money to pay 8kk for each 1 gold
    PWRU didn't get the expansion yet and there 1 gold = 1,2kk
    Just my guessing
  • kopkaaskopkaas Posts: 6 Arc User
    I personaly uninstalled it, since im a fairly new player and dont see much options to make coins. Making progres is simply close to impossible now.
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,380 Community Moderator
    Well that will teach me to go on holiday!

    Im gonna be checking this out today, I really think that this needs a chance to settle in. From what ive seen it looks very mixed feelings with a few issues noted.

    I will say one thing that ive noted personally, may be this is just to get started but now this is in place are we going to get DQ coins restored to a semi interesting value?

  • prettygirlrock10prettygirlrock10 Posts: 8 Arc User
    me and my friends have catshops in the game, running 24/7, this new update or the game itself is going no were, we decided to quit the game, too much work for less fun, thanks pwi, you will now see few catshops in the game. bye!
  • iseeucampingiseeucamping Posts: 7 Arc User
    😂now one wants to work
  • weapon762weapon762 GodOfMurderers Posts: 186 Arc User
    This update was supposed to only wipe out jolly jones not jsfp

    Everything is bound and unable to sell to other players

    In addition not even warsong molds can be picked up for gold coins **** that market over

    I npced those and silver coins too

    Literally anything that was a drop that had has value been taken outta game and bound

    Almost in a single update that had nothing to do with me reason why the update happened in first place

    No word no apology this was just installed with or without community approval

    It's impossible to start game now as new player

    You get nothing but silver coins and even bh rewards gave silver coins too after I npced them and they were CARDS too.

    This affects everybody even mass cashers because there is no way to obtain mass amount for even what they want from Farmers without trading

    Gold coin update ? No

    Bring back at least jfsp

    And leave jolly jones out if that was the real issue with coin influx

    Also btw tw rewards in silver coins too

    If we cant trade silver at very least as a psuedo currency it has 0 value

    Int or chan cape runs
    No events like smoke over arch or tiger event to generate coins
    cube necks
    Jolly jones
    Mirage market(with fake binder mirages)
    Jfsp(bound items and taking even option to trade while conversion)(without even telling us )
    Most items being not only bound but unable to be stashed
    Ect all those markets are destroyed atm

    Fcc market is gone with nobody being able to hyper so are unable to even sell fc

    Not to mention glitches ect

    But pwi is riddled with them but the markets are what Allows you to progress nee players CANNOT start now

    Even factions have nothing to pay them to aquire things unless they use coveted gold now to try to get them strong enough to ..... what exactly ?

    Farm what exactly?

    More posts need to be made like this
    Only way pwi sees it
    And does anything about our game I refuse to believe they are THAT souless

    Vae Victis.
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    Aside from the pay issue I don’t see a big deal with this long term. Many ppl are just waiting to see prices go down before they start buying things. It haven’t even been a week relax, also if you want stuff that badly just charge. I understand this slows down F2P players however the excessive influx of coin on this game was a huge problem.
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  • shimarrashimarra Posts: 189 Arc User
    I'm going to be the odd voice in and say it won't affect that much, mob drops were killed off long ago. Other than people who did JJ and people who bot for coins (if they even existed) everything else seems same. Gold coin infusions from packs etc and MBH and I assume BH still give cards for gold coins. I don't know about the 5m one but the 1m ones are good guy cards. If GMs activate the silver to gold conversion in the future (events, holidays) then people will be able to convert all their hoarded silver coins.

    I think the worst about the update is no more tradable c packs from fsj.
  • shimarrashimarra Posts: 189 Arc User
    Just to add tho PWI was dirty in putting those 6 city b sets in cash shop for 25g. A lot of us got those free with smoke event and arc code for anni the other year. They just so greedy now.
  • hokker#1570 hokker Posts: 158 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    In PWCN Jolly doesn't even exist, he was removed long time ago just like all the others servers, pwi is the only server that has it. Warsong emblems is the same thing, others servers doesn't have this stuff, others servers have R9>R9r>R9rrr and it isn't even done the same way(it's a lot harder)

    in the other servers people make money selling drops from QSM(R9 is for rich people and nirvana 3cast doesn't exist too), UP, DH and TTR.....
  • zoubezoube Posts: 179 Arc User
    weapon762 wrote: »
    Bring back at least jfsp
    Some people were soloing jfsp, it wasnt fair farming.

  • jadasiajadasia Posts: 520 Arc User
    This will result in gold coin traded for cash shop items and force new toons to quest and farm their own way through the game.

    Personally I see this as a good thing. It means questing at all levels will be a must do thing again to get skills and gear until they decide to pay to win at end game
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 757 Arc User
    I havent felt a difference coin wise yet, but it will take time for the server economy to adjust.
    Been a few days and honestly I have 0 silver coins. With FSJ nerfed I dont bother do that instance anymore, so thats going to be my nerf in coins but it was far from my main income. I'll only get silver coins when its actual UP as mbh, which it havent really been lately. My gold coin amount is still going up so I dont think I been affected too much.
    Im happy that the update will stop JJ bots though (or so I hope lol) Those bots always really bothered me.
  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    well, for one, i've seen several toons equipped with morai/qsm gear, and i suspect those toons are new(er) players or the occasional players that don't have the time to farm WS for their G16 or for the expensive R9.

    On our server the price of a simple R9 piece runs in the hundreds of millions of Gold coins, and there is no way a 'Free'toplay player can afford such a thing in a few months. Just the medals and GST's are very expensive and getting the chips to make gst's...unfarmable.(unless you want to spend years and years in the cube....)

    Because this F2P system is mostly based on the Gold system, players are forced into charging gold or farm like crazy to be able to sell to other players, other players who eventually will run out of their gold and have to charge themselves.

    Imo, prices will indeed drop after a while, but the influx of new players will stop alltogether. I'd advise anyone who wants to start playing this game to stay the hell away from it unless they want to spend all their time farming like headless chickens, or spend a lot of cash on it. Cash that you'd better use to buy a crapload of other games.

    My final guess is that we'll see other catshops arise that sell farmed mats, at lower prices, to make gold coins. We'll also see less catshops selling items obtained from packs and the likes since those players will want to hang on to their hard earned gold because they will have less income from their CS's, instead of spending it all on gold ingame to buy keys & packs. It's a vicious circle : less gold coins income, less spending on cs, less income for those to buy keys & packs, less items for sale and/or at a lower price, less income....
    Eventually prices will drop, because no one will want to spend more gold then what they really 'have to'.
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