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PWI Wiki updates! (contributors needed!)



  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    edited September 5
    Here's a small post to update on things. I've been seeing edits from quite a few people over the last month which is really awesome <3 Thank you so much to anyone who has been editing, even the smaller edits! It really saves a lot of time as it allows me to work on other things.

    Here's a list of the last month's updates:
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • mysticalconumdrmmysticalconumdrm Posts: 62 Arc User
    SPAM.....SPAM.....SPAM........advertisement for other online games..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not appropiate here
  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    edited September 26
    Yeah, the wiki will probably have ads for other online games on it from time to time. That's out of my control and out of PWE's control as well. Like many websites, Gamepedia (and Fandom) run ads on their websites to be able to continue running. You can easily block these ads though in a couple of ways:
    1. Use an adblocker - all ads except Gamepedia announcements/ads will be hidden.
    2. Make a Gamepedia account - most ads will be hidden to you. If you contribute to the wiki a bit, you'll get Gamepedia PRO which hides all ads for a minimum of 3 months.
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  • mysticalconumdrmmysticalconumdrm Posts: 62 Arc User
    sorry about the spam thingy..
    wrong thread
  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    Well, another surprise content update has arrived! I thought I had prepared for it this time but it wasn't enough! This will be a pretty short update post to cover quick content update stuff and regular stuff I haven't updated on yet so I can go focus on updating the wiki. I'll make a longer update post when more progress has been made!

    Content update information can be found on the PWI Wings of Rebirth page under the Content Update section. At the moment the section is empty as I'm waiting for the game to go up before I add the information. We also have a Wings of Rebirth Content Update Patch Notes page, but this is also empty for the moment. These pages will be populated in the next day or so, so check back then!

    Content Update Stuff
    • Every page mentioning the word "coin" or "money" is getting a special "outdated due to currency changes" notice automatically put on it so I can check it, courtesy of my wiki bot (she's still working on it). That's over 900 pages eek. If you see the notice, it means the page MAY be outdated. This includes all quest pages, crafting pages, pet pages, etc. It's harder to see on mobile, but you'll definitely see this notice on your PC. These notices will be removed as I check and update each page.
    • The Currencies page has a basic description of gold coins and silver coins now. It doesn't have more information than what's on the news page and may be a little inaccurate. I'll make sure to update it a bit more once the game is up.

    Regular Stuff
    First I wanted to thank everyone who helped out with the wiki in the last month or so! I was pretty slack during this time but I'll definitely have to pick up the pace now! Note that some pages below may be outdated due to the currency system update.

    Here's all the stuff that got updated:
    • Mitapi has added a bunch of content for Technicians! The main page has been filled with content throughout. There's also new pages on Technician Builds and Technician Sage vs Demon! The Sage vs Demon page compares the sage and demon skills for the class and allows for a side-by-side comparison.
    • Asterelle has made a Moonlight Crystal page. This page goes over their mechanics, and includes a list of all skills you can get on your armor and their effects at each level. It's awesome to see a detailed page on these now since they're so hard to get.
    • An anonymous editor (Galefang?) added a bit of information about Lunar Glade's Trophy Mode. Thanks for that! The section had been pretty empty for a year or so and I didn't even realize it.
    • I have finally updated the Spiritual Cultivation page. All quests have been updated, and the quests before 89 sage/demon have been moved to the Sage and Demon Cultivation page (for now - they might not stay there). Each culti now has basic information about what is unlocked. Some also have some tips for leveling up or getting gear along the way. There's a couple things I still need to add in or edit, but the important stuff is done.
    • The Sage and Demon Cultivation page is being worked on as well. I've added/updated the quests before the level 89 cultivations and moved some quests around. The 89 sage/demon quests have also been updated, but that's about it. The format of the page is wonky for now since it's a mix of the old format and new one, plus I'm experimenting with some stuff.
    • I've also been working on replacing our bmp files with png or jpg ones. I usually am fine with bmp files, but unfortunately they aren't supported by the Media Viewer. Most of the images have been done already except for some UI images and scenic ones which I haven't gotten around to cropping and such yet.
    • Master Quests have been updated up until Expert (45000 Master Virtue). I'm a bit slow with getting points so most people are probably far ahead of me xD
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • hoshichanhoshichan Posts: 149 Arc User
    do you know if the glitched master quests (mount/flyer) have been fixed with todays expansion?
  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    edited October 23
    hoshichan wrote: »
    do you know if the glitched master quests (mount/flyer) have been fixed with todays expansion?

    I'm not sure but I assume they will be fixed. I'm still patching at the moment but should be able to check once I'm done. I'll edit this post once I find out!

    EDIT: I was able to check, and it looks like you will be able to get the flyers and mount now! They made the flyer token usable, and have changed the reward in the M/A system to a Snow Kirin Egg instead of the Mentor Legend Mount Egg. The Snow Kirin is a 12.0m/s mount.
    Post edited by obielle on
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • hoshichanhoshichan Posts: 149 Arc User
    awesome, thank you
  • hokker#1570 hokker Posts: 81 Arc User
    Hi, i read the DB description then I tested with my DB alt yesterday(however the passive skill is lv1)

    here the description in the pwpedia:
    Blood of the Nightshade: The damage reduction for all versions of the skill have been modified; the closer the enemy is, the more damage that is reduced.(verify)

  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    edited October 26
    Thank you for testing the passive! I'm not so good with translating chinese to english and it looks like I got it the wrong way around. I'll update that info now to instead say "the further the enemy is, the more damage that is reduced" and that should hopefully be correct if my brain is working properly xD

    EDIT: Ooooh I'm having faction members saying that it's meant to be the way it was originally described (the closer the enemy is, the more damage that is reduced) but it hasn't changed for some reason. Hmmmm I guess it's a bug then
    Post edited by obielle on
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • hokker#1570 hokker Posts: 81 Arc User
    edited October 27
    @obielle Right, I play in both pwbr and pwi, there was a long discussion about this skills for months in pwbr, my friend is the one who translate things from pwru and pwcn all alone, he said me this: the skill changed the scale of reduction, the scale of the reduction was concave now it's convex, so this means the skill works the same way, what changed was the way the damage is reduced, did you noticed in the pics that the damage was greatly decreased when the SB was in the maximum distance? before the update it didn't need to be so far away to get a great reduction, this is what changed(nerf)
    the reduction from 8 to 9 meters in % is lower than the reduction from 15 to 16 meters and therefore lower when compared to the reduction from 29 to 30 meters in% again.
    This is how it is now ↓
    This is how it was ↓

    I would like to talk about another thing, PWpedia says soul shatter decreased critical rate and critical damage, however that skill didn't have critical damage, it's just damage and critical rate
    Post edited by hokker#1570 on
  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    I would like to talk about another thing, PWpedia says soul shatter decreased critical rate and critical damage, however that skill didn't have critical damage, it's just damage and critical rate

    Yeah I saw you mentioned that in another thread. It's possible they've made a text error there so I'll check into that and correct it. Some of the skill translations have been a little sloppy and/or confusing so I've had to make adjustments here and there or just make guesses instead. Thanks for checking all of this stuff :)
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 832 Arc User
    edited November 17
    @hokker#1570 It's so nice to see people do damage tests without a weapon. It means you can do actual math instead of eyeballing it. Genie skills are also a source for fixed damage if needed.​​
  • obielleobielle Posts: 688 Arc User
    Here's a bit of a late update post for the Content Update. I've had a bit of a bad luck streak lately - my internet has been having issues, then I got the flu, and just today I lost all the data on my hard drive. I usually keep backups but I didn't have wiki stuff backed up for the last couple of months so I've lost a lot of images, recordings, and pre-written pages. It'll take a little bit of time to replace everything I lost. Anyways!

    First, it's been mentioned in a few places already but the patch notes for the Content Update are completed! You can find them by clicking here. They took a while because I had to go through a lot of PWCN patch notes and do a lot of translating and guessing. The main Wings of Rebirth page has been updated with a short list of the main features as well if you don't want to read all the patch notes.

    Other than that, here's some of what I managed to get done over the last month:
    • All class skills have been added or updated (minus the new passives). To see the full changes for each skill, there's a detailed list on the Patch Notes page.
    • The Ulfgard daily quest Operation Lonewolf was added. It includes information about the quality of quests and how death works while doing the quest. I may add some notes later to clarify quest-blocking since this has been a problem for some people.
    • The daily quest Snow Legend was added. This is not a permanent daily - there's actually a total of 3 (PWCN says there are 4 stages but I don't know what the 4th is). I'll be creating the other 2 daily quest pages later as they become available. Note that the end date for Snow Legend may be changed in a future patch but is currently set to end on the 18th of December and will be replaced with the 2nd daily quest.
    • The Ulfgard Campaign event was added, but it's over now.
    • The Soul Awakening quest chain has been started. So far it only contains instructions for quests up until the quest "Strange Corpse". I'll be adding the next batch of quests soon. The page will be filled out as the Historical Phases get completed.
    • The Historical Phases page has been updated with the 3 new phases. These do not require any daily quests to complete - they will complete on their own. Completing each phase will just unlock parts of the Soul Awakening quest chain, no new daily quests or anything.
    • The Battle of Survival page was started. So far the information is pretty basic and you can get the same info from the NPC. It does include drop rates for each mob and the changeling chests. I will be adding more information to this page sometime in the future.
    • The Dream Grove page was added. The page has everything laid out in steps to make it a bit easier to follow. At the bottom of the page you can find a couple of diagrams for the stealth block part at the end to make it easier to navigate. I may add more images later on, but I have to re-take them.
    • The Marriage page was updated to include the mount reward (no image for it atm) and information about the Karma Tree since the NPC was added into the game.
    • The M/A system has been updated to include the mount and flyer rewards - they're no longer bugged so the rewards are safe to take.
    • The List of Aerogear page has the new flyers added to it, including images of the palette flyers. There's no M/A flyer images at the moment since I couldn't find them on the PWCN site.
    • I've been working on updating things relating to coins and I think there's less than 150 pages to go now. Luckily not much actually changed with the update. Most of the quest pages have been updated, as well as item and pet pages. Basically the only change was that coin rewards are now Silver Coin rewards.

    Next I'll be working on finishing the Battle of Survival page, adding more Soul Awakening quests, adding the new Twilight Temple Revisited bosses, and then adding more new pages (Palette of Fortune, Ulfgard, Northern Wastes). Hopefully my bad luck streak ends soon!
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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