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belle bug on dawngloery fixed yet? i been on strike

been a year already lol

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  • notonlyjudgenotonlyjudge Posts: 23 Arc User
    the crash half party bug i mean
  • wolfish11wolfish11 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Never acturaly had that occur and I'm on the dawnglory server. If it occurs when a nuke fails I can get that causing a dc due to the sheer amount of mobs that spawn if it get's down to say 1%.

    Only thing can suggest is you lower your graphic settings both though 'u' and from the little wrench above your hp bar (top left) and setting to 'Only display your own model'.

    Hope that helps any.
  • notonlyjudgenotonlyjudge Posts: 23 Arc User
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