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Forum Title request thread.

deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery GamerPosts: 84 Community Moderator
Hello, making this post for people who would like a title next to their forum name.

Post below your request for a title you would like.

1. Almost any within reason.
2. Unique

We used to have this in the past but then it went away, now im trying bring it back.


  • aradrielaradriel Moony Mender Posts: 72 Arc User
    Thanks for doing this!

    I'll go with "Moony Mender"
    Raging Tides/Tideswell
    Arandelle | Cleric
    Aradriela | Wizard
    Not-so-perfect world'er since Jan. 2010.
  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Snuggles Posts: 133 Arc User
    Can I have the title "Snuggles"
    The only GOP
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