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Purchasing Gold

Hello all,

I am a new member of PWI and i saw that there is a 11th anniversary purchase award event going on. So lets just say that i charged 40 dollars on to my account. Do i have to spend all of the 40 gold in game in the boutique shop to get the reward for tier 4? Also if i spend 40 gold in the boutique shop, do i get tier 1-4 or just tier 4?


  • enbysraenbysra Posts: 45 Arc User
    For the spend rewards, yes, you would have to spend all of it. You should get all tiers, 1 thru 4.

    Also... make sure you get your charge reward items.... they are separate of the spend rewards. Just go to home and-or news tab in arc client, and click on the most recent "advertisement" i guess, that says "charge reward(s)"... they have plenty of nice stuff... enjoy

    and WELCOME TO PWI o:)
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