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g16 s3 Vs R8rr

geochrisgeochris Posts: 108 Arc User
So I am looking at equipping some alts so I can do PVE's MBH. As I understand JFSP will at some point be removed from MBH so if i want to do mbh on multiple toons I will need to equip some alts.

So which is better for mbh armor R8rr or g16s3? The way I see it you can get a much better helm/cape by using r8rr but it seems a little more expensive than if you just do g16.

Then for weapon should i just use the highest refined s3 wep i can get my hands on? The other options would be warsoul (s1/s2), r8rr or even a low s1/s2 g17. These other options seem rather expensive for a mbh alt but I don't really know.

Again the assumption here is to be able to get into random MBH squads (dup, ddh, ibu) with Zero PvP.

I would appreciate any thoughts you all might have.


  • bakujiroubakujirou Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited September 2019
    If you have multiple alts of a certain armor type on one account to run BHs with, G16 with good refines (+7 or so) would be sufficient and overall cheaper. I'd go with R8.3 if you're going to make them your main/secondary and want to later upgrade them further (Twilight Soul and higher).

    G16 also works fine since its a cheap but effective weapon type. Not having the higher Attack level or GoF sucks for some classes, but you can still get your dailies done without it. Again, any multiple characters can use (axes for BM/Barb for example) would be money saved if you can stash them.
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  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    I use a G16 set refined +12 for both my Archer and Tech. Archer has g16+12 weapon, Tech has R8r3+12 weapon with spirit blackhole on it. I don't do Pvp because it's really not worthwhile going up against G17+12 toons (of which there are some now) that can 1 shot most players (some even 1-shot barbs....).

    Truth be told, at this point in time i don't see the point of even going R9 or higher since the game is practically dead in the water. There is no pvP to speak of (my point above) , TW's are a a foregone conclusion before the battle even starts, Xnw's are rediculous now and for the pvE part, you don't need to have the absolute best gear since most bosses in a BH run are 'nuked' if you have a few well geared ppl in your faction or party.

    If you have alts on the same account, try to use one set for them, like the same LA set for a sin/archer/tech , or HA for BM/edgerunner/.... etc etc. That way you don't have to spend a lot of cash on them. Most builds are the same anyways, they just add diff useful skills to the party. And if you like BH's a lot, make either a BM, cleric or veno. those are almost always needed and asked for.

    p.s. : if you want to know how many ppl are playing on your server : count the number of guilds on your TW map, multiply by 30, add 10% of that number to account for NEW players, add another 10% to account for accasional players. then add another 30% of that total number to account for non pvP players. That's the number of actual players on your server.
    A guild that has the full quota of 200 players has on average around 35/40 active players. Those players also have alts in other guilds big or small, so count those guilds out.
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