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Update to Wings of Rebirth

Haven't played in a while (my client is on v973) but I'm now trying to play the game and it's updating. It's been updating for about 3-4 hours now and literally the bar along the bottom hasn't even moved on the screen yet. Is this normal??? :(


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 893 Community Moderator
    If you mean you haven't played since around 2016/2017, then yeah it's pretty normal that it would take a while. You might find it faster to reinstall PWI since it will download a more recent version.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • Thanks! I'm redownloading it now after FINALLY partitioning my mac (so much drama). So excited to play again! But won't know how to do anything haha
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