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Cannot log into Pwi

sennis82sennis82 Posts: 15 Arc User
I can't log into pwi because i keep getting Login has timed out through Arc. I can log into Arc on website but not through the install.

Arc has been nothing but **** since we have had to use it.


  • chickenshltchickenshlt Posts: 1 Arc User
    Arc apparently down. I assumed just was from my new pc and defender was stopping it from working, but tried on old laptop as well and also received login has timed out. Please check your network connection and try again. Glad to know not the only one been sitting here trying to reconfigure pc
  • venodevilvenodevil Posts: 5 Arc User
    Getting the same timed out message on both of my accounts.
  • katanaswordkatanasword Posts: 8 Arc User
    Glad its not just me, my whole family has been trying to figure out whats wrong!
  • I have spent 1 and a half hours trying to log into game. GET THIS FIXED PWI/ARC. game crash the other day for like 2-3 hours and now this? get this figured out.
  • aradrielaradriel Moony Mender Posts: 73 Arc User
    This is still happening an hour later FYI. Sick game PWI. XD
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  • 2 and a half going strong at least
  • So Ive been gone for a number of years and want to get back to my accounts. I last logged in probably 12-11-12. PW wasnt attached to arc then. Is there any hope for me?
  • mysticalconumdrmmysticalconumdrm RetiredStoner Posts: 74 Arc User
    'i keep getting "update server connection fails"....instead of automatically updating...on one acct
    i can log in only up to etherblade server...then you get "your whatever is to low....log off and update"
    try to update and get "update server connection fails"

    the other acct now has the same message...but can log into that one...as least for this week

    called support and they requested a tracer route....did that....they have it....am now waiting
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