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War Avatar B card set missing how to attain??

maniakdarkmaniakdark Posts: 4 Arc User
So my question is simple in the War Avatar B section of cards there is a set of 6 cards, it is the 6 main race cities cards : Etherblade, City of Lost, Dawnglory, City of the Plume, Raging Tides, Tellus.

Now as far as i know, they dont drop from any chests that can contain B cards.
Yet these cards ARE needed in order to be able to gain the final war avatar title.
My questions is can there be made a way to attain these or not
(yes i heard of in the past they were an event code but for new chars or newer players/accounts that dont wrok so something new might be needed to be implemented?)


  • drhealdrheal Posts: 132 Arc User
    Hello sir, this card set was a reward from an event PWI has ran a few times. I didn't get it myself, but its from the http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/quest/33246 Smoke over Archsaur event.
  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 845 Community Moderator
    There isn't a way to obtain them at the moment. I forgot they were an event code, but other than that they were available during one of the old anniversary events back in like 2015. They haven't been released since.

    It would be nice if they released them for maybe another anniversary as a code, but the chances are slim since the staff don't really read the forums from what I know.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • maniakdarkmaniakdark Posts: 4 Arc User
    Thank you for the answers you have given,

    and indeed either an event with them or a code. or perhaps even make it available somewhere else in a recurring event maybe one that comes once every now and then would be useful
    because not having access to them kinda makes it impossible to get final war avatar title since there is no S+ card yet either.
  • cosmosia1989cosmosia1989 Posts: 165 Arc User
    @heero200 you could tell them to give out a code for this again cause there is no way to get it atm.
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