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Graphics - Mount - Visual effects missing

kaidonakaidona Posts: 1 Arc User
Has anyone else noticed their Cursed Guardian of Yvillis looking a bit drab lately? I've been gone for a year, so when I came back and first mounted up I thought maybe some of my memory of her may have been manufactured. Finding screenshots to verify wasn't exactly easy, either; none of Arc's documentation of her actually uses her name. I had to find the news post through image search. like seriously guys, come on

Anyway, here's what the guardian looks like for me since coming back to the game

And as a refresher, this is what she originally looked like

All of the glow is gone. Particle effects are gone. All of it. Missing.
"What sort of armaments does your society use? Projectile based gun-fire? Or do your people use melee weaponry because you've yet to get into the developmental stages of using combustion and explosive force in weaponry?"

The pale man furrowed his brow. "Our natural talents tend to leave most combustion-based weapons relatively low-class. We use a wide range of armaments, though we do favor melee over projectile-based combat for strongly prevailing cultural reasons. Overall in a place like this everything is used--" he paused as a particularly impressive explosion flashed off the distance in a ball of extremely potent energy "--including pulse cannons."

The albino woman crossed her arms. "No cybernetic storage unit in sight and you're using tech barely available on the more advanced planets."

"This was a tourist attraction. As such it is especially diverse."
--Apocalypticassus, p.18


  • laulupullolaulupullo EternalNub Posts: 39 Arc User
    press "U" untick "detailed" ..i think thats teh problem =D
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