Suggestion to improve game

ruhcik Posts: 40 Arc User
First of all i suggest to put more mobs on the normal map, make them all agressive and double the numbers of mob so people can do pulls+aoe exp.

Second thing is to easier find product on West Archo, it should be option that we write name of item and the shops which have that items are highlighted.

Third thing is to create new piece of zenith shard like Mini Zenith Shard in common UP which is 1/10 of Zenith Shard and 1/100 of Skull so people with QSM/G16 Gear can easily farm something in normal UP becasue dUP is a bit hard.


  • cosmosia1989
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    1. Why? You have Frostcovered City for that which is more profitable anyways, other than that Chrono Valley of the Scarred has plenty such mobs for your leisure. Other than that..if you do all quests the game has to offer you are easily 105/103/103 in the just questing works.

    2. Yes, that would be nice indeed.

    3. Yes, something to farm in general would be nice..but it's always been hard for lower geared ppl.
  • ruhcik
    ruhcik Posts: 40 Arc User
    Why ? Becasue there are ppl who are not buying FC runs or have main to clean.

    4th thing is to increase coins drop from boss in INSTANCES in ALL other games boss for example tt 3-3 or FB99 should drop 30-50k coins in stock.
  • fededomino
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    about Charge Gold , why Can`t we sell our Gold inside Catshop / Commission Shop , direct?? , it will be more easy for all and we dont need a penalty / pain FEE , for sell our Gold in Catshop / Commission , it should be easy to Redirect our Gold to Catshop / Commission Shop , so any player can buy at any time 24/7 , something Developer need to fix , without a fee / penalty , but straight , player us self set the price what we want for each gold sell , also make it able to let Gold seller buy Homestead stuff outside homestead for sale to other , many ask buying gold via Homestead , but many wont go sell gold inside Homestead , i have no idea of why ppl want buy gold inside homestead ,
    i dont think it is rocket development to fix we can sell our gold through Catshop / Commission Shop
  • ruhcik
    ruhcik Posts: 40 Arc User
    PWI didnt except that common ppl withaout cash will figure it out how to buy gold in game and spent 1,2k for NP xD
  • madonna89
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    you guys do realize theres an auction house ingame? - with the exact properties your asking for?

    at this point in time, theres simply no way to *fix* (if its even broken to begin with) the economy ingame anymore. Too much time has passed, waay too many coins on each server. I do agree on one thing though --> could increase the maximum buyout limit in auction houe for gold...

    not sure if that would help the average Joe though - i highly doubt it (peeps hundreds of billions of coins would jsut dominate the market even more)
  • fededomino
    fededomino Posts: 212 Arc User
    the Auction House was better in past , today its useless , what china can do is bring it back to what it was , but i wish an option to sell GOLD in Catshop and Commission Shop just like any other item , it should be easy to make an option to redirect GOLD to Catshop and Commission Shop , if player want that so player can sell their GOLD 24/7 anytime even if offline , for the price they want , NOT what China / PWI demand .