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fededominofededomino Posts: 163 Arc User
in my small head , Update should be faster like that each 3 month there should be a update plus fix stuff that player report for make player relaxed and excited , at this moment we have update ca each half year , and we not been told what we can look toward too for what update is about plus what is fixed , update arrive same day and tell what it is about , why that , if any is pro of developers and so on , they can tell PWI what we can expect in 2-3 month before or 1 month before , why so ,,, Laid Back , and let update info pup up same day it arrive , as more speedy they can make update and be in touch with all player and listen to what they wish and want , so far they can figure out make new lucky pack , fly , mount , for the profit , not for us player , where is the gameplay the fun the option for player with gear Lv TT 99 + for join those last new hard instance DDH UP JFSP and what else they are named , PWI / China force player out of game , no game should be about stupid gear , but possible to join everything without pain and bad development , it can be ok for TW stuf to have SUPER gear , but not for normal daily QUEST , as more player can enjoin almost everything whthout beeing denied to join a squad cause of gear lack , and also why Gear Lv 16 is ranked over Rank 8 , in my option WE have R9 R8 then Gear 16 in that order , but ingame Gear 16 is Ranked over Rank 8 gear , Gear 16 should be under Rank 8 , something to fix , plus we wish to have the option to CHOSE our own Stats on gear for what suit each player best , i am tired of make gear and only get RANDOM STATS on gear , why make a simple game so frustrated , that shouls also be changed before next update all this , but what ever we say , no one listen to player , this was waste of my time to write , i know it
if any player is negative to this , you dont need to reply , but as harder developer make a game as more player they loose also the profit

what a game should be about is the fun and all can make it through without any super gear as more player as more profit

from the book reader of confusing

i am expected this post go to junckyard

who love you baby , Kojak
hopeful all can be happy one way or another


  • mysticblue#1834 mysticblue Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    The R8 you are stating is probably the 3rd cast R8 which I think costs a pretty good amount of money too to be made cause the instance for acquiring R8R3 mats is barely ever run unless MBH(oh the horrors of QSM...)

    I am not totally sure but R9 2nd cast is probably not as good as G16 nirvana and also a bit more of hassle to acquire even though the mats have been made free through FSJ

    And yeah sometimes rerolling gear for stats is annoying but nothing can be done....it's how the game is atm(uhh... if to date anyone is trying to get int rolls on boots with R8R3 for their sins 😓)

    As for the dungeon runs for MBH on G16 a separate forum thread is there you should check it
  • shaman4icshaman4ic Posts: 3 Arc User
    G16 isn't leading much over r8. Maybe weapon but never gear since r8 lets you get anything you want in bonuses: aps/channeling/vit/buddha/sky/supernova. Weird complain, especially since g16 best possible to farm using no credit card. (r8 farm hurts in case if you go for r8r2, as example).
    Or you think that this game isn't enough about charging? :neutral:

    I don't see big problem in gear and pve as well. I am g16 storm atm, i was making dup or ddh squads with 2-3 more g16 players and rest were r9: we simply got no problems. If you don't get invites to squads - make your own squad. Else there are no problems at all: mobs in Neverfall were hard until g16 set on. If you can't solo some mini-boss it doesn't mean it should be soloed.
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