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About expensive in game stuff and bounded gears

herbageherbage Posts: 33 Arc User
I really hope that any of GM take a look on forums and actually do something to make this game better, because right now i see more players quiting than joining this game.

1st of all, this is still very nice game and with some good management it can be even better. I still remember the joy i had when i began playing this game in 2009 but since then many things have changed, there is some joy left but it`s less than it used to be and i believe many can agree with that.

I know, to make the game to run you need to earn some profit, it is easier for players who started this game years ago with many possible farming options + some minor charging they managed to get engame gears in pretty short time + it was cheaper. I have managed to close the gap to engame but still far behind regarding shards, starchart and cards and after latest Nuema portal fiasco, it is almost a must to have it to compete in pvp. I even see some who got it on alts. So, at current state, i would still have to farm/charge 2000 gold for starchart+gems(atm i have deities) + 1200 gold for each Nuema portal card? Yes, it is still possible to do some stuff without it, but to reach the ultimate endgame all of that i needed. So far i have invested like 20-25 bil coins(mostly charging) and not counting refines, since they were from charge rewards. If we convert that to gold, it is like 3000 gold or 3000 euros just to be average? Also counting all the things are needed R9, refines, gems, 20 apti, ornaments, cards and if i told some new players that they would have to farm few years or to spend 3000 euros to be just average, they would uninstal the game in matter of seconds.

In China it`s different, there are plenty of players, lot`s of gold in game and coins are more valuable than here, also many items are cheaper on botique if we convert their money to ours. Also, i believe, because of having huge amount of gold in market, AH is still the thing they use to sell the gold. I`m not sure how much cheaper gold should be to sell it again on AH, but example would be like charging 50 euros result - 150 gold or maybe a little less. That would make thing way cheaper in game, but it wouldnt decrease ppl charging i think the opposite + if there are nice charge rewards, like r9 mats, nebula dust orbs or other engame gears as charge rewards also would be very usefull + curent orbs and shard packs. Conclusion, something has to become cheaper, because at the state game is evolving, some older stuff should become cheaper like r9 or starchart items or cards. Since farming has cut off to very low outcome, and instance requiring certain gears levels, i have no clue how new players are actually able to keep up.

Another thing which drives me really mad is all those bound gears or character locked gears. Is no problem, if gears are possible to account stash, like COM, cape, tome, ornaments, but new G17 gears cape, helm, ornaments are locked on 1 character. Whyyy? People still want to use some alts when they get bored at some point on main. Also cards, starcharts, glyphs at certain level(1,4,7 are tradable). Once again, in China this works well, because they have npc where you can buy the accounts, just search there for 1 with all of that stuff done and buy and it`s secure.

I know it`s nice just to take the patches and everything from them and you dont have to modify anything, but there are some stuff which doesn`t work here.

I`m just sharing my thoughts here and would be awesome if something would be heared and more awesome if something was done to make this game better. Coupe of days ago i met RL friend, we used to play together years ago, but at certain point he stopped playing because of bad decisions of chosing classes, meanwhile it was a good start for me with assassin(before played barb then wizard) in all areas like farming and pvp. We had a nice chat about this game, old memories also he would wish to return when new classes will launch, but he fears that he will stop it quickly due to everything being so expensive and not seeing way to reach atleast average level. I told it takes years, but he insisted that he prefers new type of MMOs where you just charge real money for better in game pets which collects mob drops, bag slots, fashion etc but not gears.


  • blackxred#9358 blackxred Posts: 1 Arc User
    Beautiful speech you got here @herbage but I'm afraid that any GM or any staff of this game in general won't pay attention to this thread let alone respond to us.

    I, too have been playing this game since it was first released and it was very fun to play back then but things changed. The company became greedy and got a taste of such a load amount of money and that's when things went sideways.

    Even after all that Pay2Win features that they added, I'm still playing this game because I have friends that I can play with but they are decreasing really fast and I might be the next one to follow.

    The game itself isn't the problem here, but it's the company. If other company would publish PWI, I'd be willing to start from scratch and try again. I might get a lot of hate saying this especially to those people who spent a grand or more but so be it.

    In my opinion, save your time and money and try other games out there. It might be better to just choose Buy2Play, monthly subscription games, or private servers instead of Free2Play (which is clearly a disguised for Pay2Win).
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