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Which glyphs to use?

et3reaet3rea Posts: 58 Arc User
ok so after this upcoming skill rebalance which skills are u gonna glyph. Considering the nerf to damage reduction on silver leaps, will be them worth to keep or maybe change to decreased cooldown or increased distance? Also I dont think SE is such a big deal considering the cost seems still to be 2 sparks. melee bow damage reduction removed is what we all were waiting for besides a freakin decent self buff, guess we'll wait an other 10 years before we can eventually get it.


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 162 Arc User
    Ppl actually glyphed leaps? o.O

    Wont affect my glyph setup of QS, Stun, WoG and metal skills. Only skills I could see not glyphing would be LS and WoG for the 2 leaps but I honestly prefer WoG dmg reduction way more than leap dmg reduction. Its not amazing but imo still more useful than touching leaps. My LS isnt actually charge but chi so I could easily give it up but I it negates metal combos chi costs completely iirc making it chi free combo, not that it cost much in the first place.

    SE is completely pointless skill. The only reason it ever gets used is for sage debuff and I didnt see glyph options increasing the %. The dmg the skill does itself is laughable. Channel/charge doesnt really seem worth it to glyph it over other skill options.

    If you want to keep leaps glyphed go for less CD, distance isnt that great due most leaps of other classes being so long the extra distance will do you no good. Archers are just so squishy and if we cant live trough defenses we need to do so trough mobility. That being said, WoG at lvl 5 glyph reduces dmg taken by another 13% from 25% reduction and as such makes you surprisingly tanky compared to even unglyphed WoG. .
  • raynianraynian Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited March 2019
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