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What are some good single-player activities in PWI now?

elinshoeelinshoe Posts: 12 Arc User
I tend to like to play solo content, but it's been a few months since I've played, so there's a lot of the game that I no longer remember. Other than Heavenfall Temple, are there any decent ways to play this game solo that you guys would recommend? (Open world grinding doesn't count, since it involves a lot of dealing with other players who are fighting the same enemies as you)

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  • redxblack#5880 redxblack Posts: 12 Arc User
    1. I usually do paperclip whenever I have free time. It does give you free stuff which you can trade for titles. But for me, I always do it to explore places.

    2. JoJ is kinda a single player activity but you can do it with multiple alts, it does give you money doing it. It may not be much but it's better than zero.

    3. I sometimes go to dungeon 79 to farm nuema.

    4. Herbing is also a single player activity which gives you enough coins to survive from day to day. I usually dig herbs inside momagnon and if I have a competition, I go to the other side (lothranis).

    5. Go inside your HS (homestead) and play that pokemon-like game via pet arena.

    That's all I could think atm, I'm sure other players have more ideas.
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 757 Arc User
    Create a full squad with good class competition and solo all the endgame dungeons by yourself.
  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 66 Arc User
    The World History quest (Paperclip for Villa quest) is something we all do as single-player quest. No need to make a squad since that wouldn't work. :)
  • venosuckvenosuck Posts: 2 Arc User
    To add to the above:

    Twilight temple is still a good source of fun/money
    Selling FC only requires 1 minute of other player interaction and 30 mins( if your lower geared) of fun self play and it makes you money. DA server is 2.5m per FC big room!
    During 2x we still run lunar and double the money you made doing the other things during non 2x.
    If you have a veno, you can always go tame pets that people commonly want and level them up and sell them for some money. If you want the fun of it, level them not afk, but actually useing them. This will also improove YOUR perseption of what that pet can handle.
    Merching takes only yourself and makes lots of money. I consider this solo as your not interacting with anyone to build up your shop, they just come and buy/sell to you while your away from PC.

    Solo FSP- D mode if you have enough alts this can be very fun to learn the timing, makes decent money when selling the FSP coins.

    UCH SOLO RUN- I know this one is a bit time consuming and difficult but its fun and can build your alt army if you wish to do that.

    TT 4-1 = soloable but on the list of EXTREMELY HARD. Makes the most money right now

    Solo WS badge runs and sell the gear/craft service with you and 5 alts.

    Just some suggestions. Hope you find your thing :) We all play in our own way and I hope at least one of these inspires you!
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