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Anyone down for an Ironman-type challenge?

hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
Just recently had an urge to play this game again. Looking for some like-minded people to do an ironman-esque challenge.

Team of a few people, 6 maybe? We can only rely on our team for help, no trading or partying up with other people outside the group and we see how far we can get while farming and crafting everything for ourselves. Rules can be expanded upon if needed.

Anyone feel like doing something like this? Let me know!


  • Hey man, I'm pretty interested in this. hit me up with a server and name so we can chat
  • hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
    Im on Etherblade, my character name is Osynlig
  • Just re-downloading the game, might take 20 mins or so!
  • hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
    Yeah no problem ill be on for a while
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 747 Arc User
    If its a pvp related goal then its impossible not to trade other players. A lot of stuff is boutique based and if you aint trading others nor charging.. Its just impossible.

    That being said its fairly easy to farm a gear set that will do you decent in pve. Just make sure your little group have the right classes or make extra alts on different accounts. Good luck.
  • I wouldn't do this with any serious PvP in mind for the future. This will just make the game more challenging and fun to make a fresh account and have to get everything yourself. Will spark new life into the game for me,
  • hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
    Yeah agreed with werewolph, just wanna go as far as we can PVE wise and then decide what we're doing next once we get there, whether thats like tt99 or higher we'll see!
  • skarthosskarthos Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited February 27
    I'm on Twilight Temple, usually can play between 10:00pm-reset server time
  • fillecool226fillecool226 Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited February 27
    Do you mean no dual account and just your character + 5 other people? Sound fun!! Etherblade huh? Should the 6 players start in same time?
  • hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited February 27
    If you two could add me on discord or in game that'd be great so we can talk a bit easier! My name on discord is Mattis#4669 and in game see above^
  • hasseeehasseee Posts: 27 Arc User
    Yeah we start at the same time and join up at around lvl 20 for everyones fb and from there we go together through the game
  • loseralosera Posts: 32 Arc User
    i can join if we have enough people
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