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Starting to play again, any tips.

I'm gonna start playing this again, last time I played sin and psy were newest class. Are there any new better class then those 2 at soloing pve, pvp or they still decent. Coins was issue too, any ways to get them these days.


  • rudi666rudi666 Posts: 40 Arc User
    there is always more need for a bm. in pve most bosses get nuked nowadays. bms are always needed for that
  • sinme79sinme79 Posts: 59 Arc User
    Duskblades and Stormbringers were the last classes added. Both are OP and both are welcome in squads. SBs have a skill that makes nuking easier. DBs have a small HF-like skill at end game that works on most bosses and a skill that can duplicate other players’ skills (including BM’s HF). What class you want depends on you. I could never decide so I made one of each lol. PWE is always shutting down farmability where it excels. So right now the only ways to make money are catshops (merchanting), homestead (selling g17 mats), flowsilver palace (selling items made with fsp coins), and praying you get coins from other basic stuff like the daily Bounty Hunter quest, etc. welcome back and enjoy.
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