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Morai quest issue

meow101meow101 Posts: 11 Arc User

I tried sending a support ticket for the issue, but was told that GMs cannot help and I need to go to the forums for assistance.

I am trying to complete the morai questline so I can gain access to EU/AEU. The last quest i remember completing is Suddenly, Monster. I may have completed the next one, but I am not sure. I am also pretty certain I completed the AEU quest line since I once entered the instance, but I can't anymore. I do not have any more pink quests in my quest finder, nor in the current quests list. I have gone to the next couple of NPCs in the quest line, but they do not offer the next quest in the chain.

I do not have any of the daily quests related to EU/AEU, and the NPC's themselves do not have quests available.

I was hoping someone would know how I could proceed.


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 746 Community Moderator
    The first thing to check is your level and other requirements. For AEU you need to be level 100+ and for EU you need to be 95+ and that must be your current level, so if you have reawakened recently that might be why you have no quests. The Morai quest line itself requires level 85+ and Aware of Vacuity cultivation (79 culti). If you've met these requirements already then the next thing is to check for any steps that might have been missed.

    To get access to EU you only need to do a handful of quests in the Morai quest line. Here's a list of quests and their NPCs that you can check:
    • Morai: Destruction of Elysium - Quest pops up automatically
    • Morai: Time and Space (Unlocks Morai) - Spirit Loyan in Elysium Village (537, 249)
    • Morai: A Village Past - Situ in Candlelight Village (205, 567)
    • Morai: Naughty Little Yetz - Huazen in Candlelight Village (205, 567)
    • Morai: Little Secrets - Little Yetz at the Celestial Lake (230, 574 ↑16)
    • Morai: Glory And Orders - Glory at Silk Grove (211, 581)
    • Morai: Time And Illusion - Sukino Row at Sandscape Tower (447, 547)
    • Morai: Protecting Time - Glory at the Sundial of Time (418, 531)
    • Morai: Taking Time - Glory at the Sundial of Time (418, 531)
    • Morai: Shattered Fate - Sukino Row at Sandscape Tower (447, 547)
    • Morai: Of Fate And Truth - Glory at the Sundial of Time (418, 531)
    • Morai: Back to Perfect World - Quest pops up automatically when finishing Morai: Of Fate And Truth

    Once those quests have all been completed you have to do a couple of red quests to unlock EU. It starts with "Stolen Essences" at the Elder in the City of a Thousand Streams and requires you to talk to Keek at the Altar of Shades in Morai (478, 581). Check the Crimson Imperial Envoy as well to see if she has any quests for a Tuc Su Toxin.

    To get into AEU you don't need to worry about the Morai quest line at all but need to be 100+ and have access to Morai already. Check you haven't done the quest line by going to any of the 3 orders and see if you get a popup quest. If you don't you can check the following NPCs for quests:
    • Elder of the Streams, City of a Thousand Streams (130, 858)
    • Luminance Tactician Mur, Nexus of Luminance (351, 580)
    • Luminance Lord Gugg, Nexus of Luminance (353, 581)
    • Corona King Kisian, Corona Sanctuary (472, 519)
    • Shroud Prophet Mogo, Shrouded Temple (447, 590)
    • Momentor, Altar of Shades (478, 580)

    When trying to enter AEU also make sure you've got inventory and quest space and that you're not carrying someone or being carried by someone. Also try relogging to be safe.

    If nothing written above works let me know and I can try looking into things a bit further.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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