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Warsong Belts

emodarkwolfemodarkwolf Posts: 16 Arc User
edited January 2019 in The Crafting Nook
Hey guys. I've been a long time away from the game. A few weeks ago I decided to come check how everything was and ended up doing warsongs and whatnot. Before I stopped playing, I was collecting Warsong Inscriptions to make the Warsong Belt. But in this last full run the Incacerate didn't drop any inscriptions neither I found where to manufacture the belts with them. The NPC at the entrance only shows ways of manufacturing with weird materials that I never heard about. So, my question, where the hell do we manufacture the belts with the warsong inscriptions? Don't they drop at the Incacerate boss anymore? Are those weird materials now the only way to craft them? I want answers and no one is giving me them :(


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