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Question on Cleric build

fury85fury85 Posts: 268 Arc User
Hi all,
I'm working on my wife toon.
He is g16 (not going r9), and I want to build her for full support (heal, buff, revive, etc). I want to build her tanky for what is possible with g16.

My questions are:

1) points... better full vit or stay full mag?
2) shards... better vit stones or drakeflame?
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • ailiadrakeailiadrake Posts: 282 Arc User
    Hmmm... even with just g16, you can go full magic and not worry too much about survival. Since you want to focus on support, there will always be tankier classes (barb, seekers, bm, sins) that will shield you from most of the damage, so you'll have to worry only about the aoes.

    Granted, g16 alone will not help you with the latest instances (dh, up), and you will need all the passives, the refines (+8 is nice already), and some garnet shards (perfect is good already, but if you can get your hands on higher ones, go for them).
    Charms will help you survive, but even then you'll just have to be very lazy about healing to consume them as much as other classes do and pots are everywhere.

    Then there are cards. If you want some more vitality points, you can use them, though I suggest you get sets rather than mismatched cards since you'll get a set bonus that will amp up your hp and everything else.

    So yeah, my advice is to put as much points on magic as you can (more magic points = better healing from you), and get everything else from gear, cards, chart, refines, shards, buffs, and whatever else I'm forgetting.
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 750 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I have a g16 cleric I use quite a lot for all instances.
    In general i find g16 arcane classes quite weak compared to LA and HA as g16. Shes low on physical defense and lack channelling but its mostly only noticeable in TT (last boss mobs kill her when enough damage stacks/mobs hitting even if i spam heal myself)
    I think its important you go for getting the character up to date on everything. Sky levels, passives, nuema, a decent star chart and a candleflame set.
    Personally I have a defense weapon too (r8r) with channel stones and wear channel rings and necklace, and recently swapped out my g16 cape with a lunar for more channel, tho that made her HP drop quite a bit but its still good. I cant remember the exact amount but its still over 20k hp barb buff.
    She have citrine gems and I have a bunch of vit stones for belt/neck I might take to use.
    I think if I had to redo her shards I would shard vit but maybe one piece drakeflames to make up for the low pdef but im running her on a budget.
    I dont want to suggest vit build because it affect the healings, which I thought werent that noticeable till i played another cleric with g16 that had nothing else - lacking passives etc etc. Magic is better imo
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