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Lost city server

im coming back after years of a break looking for old friends who are willing to help a old friend get back in the game. im thinking of making a sage barb and try to get his att to a formidable amount for tw,pvp, anything to that extent. main goal is to be a beasty tank with a surprising attack. IF YOU REMEMBER ZBlindRage the demon barb be aware im making a come back


  • hmmm @insaneking74 too bad if dont have THOUSANDS of USD in your cc/pocket you wont be able to reach that..
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 258 Arc User
    Lost City merged with Sanctuary, name of server is Twilight Temple now.
    I was from Sanctuary, but glad to see someone back to the game (also a baaaaaarb!!!). If you need help with dungeons and boss just pm me Roar_King.
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
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