Vet coming back

Can't wait to get back to my pwi life just got a new comp. Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones... Hopefully I remember everything..... Is barbs still in need?


  • sjampie
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    First of all: welcome back!

    According to what I've seen recently is people asking for blademasters and venomancers so there are barbs around. But barbs are always needed. I think they're the best meatwalls we can get.

    p.s. This is not really an Off-Topic Discussion.
  • gluteus
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    Thank you for your service to our country. Welcome back. Barbs are always needed, especially in the newer areas.
  • heerohex#3018
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    Welcome Back!

    Barbs are always wanted!​​
  • darkv0id
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    Welcome back and yes good barbs are still needed!
  • bakujirou
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    Honestly, I dont see them asked around for much, but it may just be on my server (Etherblade).
    The only time Ive seen specific requests for them are (Deicide)FSP as of late when Spark Killing isnt an option.
    Otherwise, they're considered in the same vein as any other DD. It isnt to say that Barbs cant carry their own weight, but YMMV when it comes to being specifically sought after.
    Meanwhile, Blademasters and Venomancers are always in high demand, with Seekers, Stormbringers and Clerics not being far behind.
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  • aradriel
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    Barbs are always needed on my server (Tideswell). Especially in my faction, we have a huge barb shortage.

    edit: the guy/gal below me speaks truth though sadly...
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  • bookkeeper#6784
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    barbs are only needed in new tt and iu (2nd one is negotiable). and when the armor passives come live...
    barbs are gonna be extinct again goz they not gonna be needed coz g17 passives are op...
    barbs are not needed in xtw,tw coz mostly in normal tw no shows... no competition so good pvp there..
    no barbs needed in xtw since basically u just need to kill dragons and win everything...
    good pvp there..
    where's the pvp? idk... np's killed it.. hahaha. np's killed barb...
  • bakujirou
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    I'd actually imagine a NP+G17 Barb would be pretty insane, but the general idea is that you can get around needing a Barb if your people are well geared. Gear in general skews class balance almost as much as certain skills/effects do.
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