Biggest problem with PWI

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I think the biggest problem with PWI is that there is 1 player pool.
So if anyone new actually wanted to play the game they are immediately trying to compete with players that have been here for up to 10 years.
Which would probably make most people simply give up once they realize they have no chance.

tw/xtw are a suppose to be a major weekly event for the game but unless you are caught up on gear and sky levels you simply cannot participate.

My suggestion would be to create tiers that segregates players into different groups for tw/xtw and have their own adjusted prizes.

The easiest way I can think of to do this would be by reputation 299,999 and lower could play against each other enjoy the game, get tw/xtw experience against each other, and not feel be squashed by the max gear toons to the point that they give up on the game.

Then when those players feel like they are ready they can upgrade there reputation and play in the "big leagues".

Obviously this is an over simplified suggestion but I think it would go a long way to retaining new player's.


  • jsxshadow
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    The Problem with that is that this game would die then.

    Why? Those ppl are investing money for advantages, to get easy kills and to farm you in those events. They don't wanna play with equally geared ppl, they want to dominate. Only ppl with mental issues like that spent that kind of money on a game like this just for this sole reason to begin with xD

    God forbid ppl get killed/lose after spending 100 Grand on this game. Oh dear! They would question their whole existence! We need to protect them from this. Suicide Prevention is no joke. I mean, full debt just to play this game and cant even own anymore? Dude.

    I would absolutely love this tho. Could even go with some lower geared toons and have some real fun <3
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    There are factions, at least in Twilight Temple server, that do not ask for gear requirements. They give new players a chance to work with experienced players, who aren't currently wanting to participate with bigger faction, so that they can catch up both with gear and with game knowledge.

    As far as capping these events to reputation, a player who has spent enough time in the game on a character who doesn't have 300k rep would still dominate. Having boundary level maxed or near maxed alone would set an enormous division between new players and long-standing players. The reason i used boundary level as a reason is that I feel like it'd be the hardest factor in game to catch up on.

    That being said I would like to see more options for new players to enjoy the game, we desperately need new players for this game to be able to continue.
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    You have to spend to win. Used to...players could farm their buddy...took him three years to farm his r9 gear...but it was possible. Now, without getting anything for the drops, it is virtually impossible. The gear that is dropped in instances is a joke. Nobody picks it up anymore. Why? Because there is somebody that has outgrown their gear and many times will pass theirs down for free. There are no new people coming into game from what I have noticed. I came to this conclusion by catshops. Used to you could buy/sell anything at anytime. Now, Ive had things in my shop for a week....nothing sold. Good things very cheap (I dont rip peeps off like others). This means there are no new people and the ones in game are the same ones that have been here for years with multiple alts. I agree,,,there has to be something done to get new players in this game. Otherwise, it will slowly die. I also understand that some will have money and will have better gear than me no matter what. However, even the simplest things in game are way too much. Saw somebody selling black dye for 25mil each. PWI needs to set up more things permanently in game. Guys need more clothes options....more guys play than females anyway...ok...ranting a long list of improvements but ill stop here.
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    I've played several games in which there were different tiers for the same pvp event, so that people would be facing somewhat more even enemies. It was fun, but still even there people would max out a toon at the limit of that given tier just to beat others for rewards lol

    Saying that if you're not max geared you cant participate in a pvp event is a lie.

    Personally i prefer and enjoy having some fights vs evenly matched enemies, it's fun test to see what the outcome would be. Small group vs an op person? Still works, still fun, it's still possible and very much doable. I've been there, i've done that. Everyone can help change the outcome of a battle, for people who are not op dd there is always the option to cc someone. Healers can always heal, etc... so please dont give me that **** it's not doable. When NW came out i just reached lvl 60 and was able to enter and i made my money in there by playing the game. I've soloed more maps than most people, i can tell you this much. Dont tell me this doesnt count, it's what wins the war lol

    TW.... yeah again - a sq of not maxed people can nuke an endgame person... how? learn teamplay guys, my faction has done it over and over! The victory makes that op raaaaaage, but hey, on our end it's really fun because we did it by playing together, how it's meant to be in pwi.

    I'ld say, what the game needs is events for newbies/lowbies. Dont have to be even pvp... most people are too scarred to pvp knowing how far behind they are. IF pwi creates a pvp like lets say colo 3v3 but instead of the usual rewards.... hp pots or items from QSM to help craft their gears, i'm sure people would like to give it a try. The Theather of Blood for example was nice event but really so glitched and the rewards never really got improved... pity, because it's fun one. In the fun servers it's one of the most popular ones lol

    The issue with the lack of new players... there are new players.... from BR servers for example, since their version sucks lol

    But yes, it's hard to learn and keep up in the game without a helping hand. And only DA has factions where people speak their own language, so the other servers lack that, so here it is - lack of communication, nothing to motivate the lowbies and no events which are only for them...
    The game would get boring, yes.

    I dont understand why pwi hasnt instroduced something to keep the newbies hooked same way that it has the endgames hooked with nw/tw and xNW/xTW.

    On that note... any news what this season's rewards would be from tw and xtw?
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    The biggest problem with PWI is that PWE has practically zero say in the game's direction for it's audience. So ideas like this (great idea btw) will likely never be considered for development. So many problems, zero solutions. That's the real problem.

    That said, in an ideal situation, this would be a great step in the right direction for bringing in new players and retaining them, nice idea.
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