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So call sale prices

Whats going on with these sale prices in news area but in game its a totally different price on the items to refine tome.. It shows 50 gold for Dimension Secret chapter and 7.50 for the Celestial Secret chapter on news.. But in game a different price


  • happyhailhappyhail Posts: 112 Arc User
    "Celestial Secret Box - 7 Gold 50 Silver Level 1 through 5 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate.

    Dimension Secret Chapter - 50 Gold Level 1 through 8 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate."

    First, whoever wrote this misspelled 'guaranteed.' It's not a huge deal, but it's not confidence-inspiring to know that someone couldn't be bothered with a simple spellchecker on an advertisement.

    Celestial Secret Box is 6 gold in game.

    Dimension Secret Chapter is 68 gold. Pretty hefty difference than what is advertised.
  • I think they made the same mistake the last time we had these items on sale. The news post read 50gold, but the in-game price was 68.
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