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Alright HT Lurkers, Lets Have A Fun Look Back To The Past

knownaseknownase Posts: 11 Arc User
So its apparently going to be 9-year anniversary, which is amazing (and scary) to imagine.

Just a few words to sum up some past events/things...
  • Zhenning...a legit guilty pleasure of mine waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day as a lurer, fast leveling at the time was a dream.
  • Fishing...I actually never had a fish session, but I heard the (boring) stories!
  • FB Chatrooms..."Pro 90+ squad running you FBs, come chat for a squad!"
  • Tao/Enrage/Caesar/Triad/Assault/Belial/TheEmpire...and many many other factions that were memorable...for better or worse.
  • TW Drama...I mean...it still happens to a degree still.
  • Sin rage...invisible 5.0 zerk machines...speaking of!
  • 5.0 APS era...where you are otherwise trash for farming squads...for the most part.
  • Forever TT/Nirvana farming during 2x drop events.
  • RB Delta Runs...a painful way to gain EXP pre-Hyper EXP Stones...and culti.
  • OHT Quest Chain...a painful journey for that final fairy.
  • That first anniversary event...where everything was forever changed.
  • Nien Events...quick money.
  • Goon Glitch...a divisive subject that split many people.

There's alot...alot more missing but this is just stuff I quickly remembered. These forums are virtually dead anyways so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing comes from this, but on the super small chance someone sees this post...feel free to post!
Ice Bear is pleased.


  • jhardejharde Posts: 15 Arc User
    I just recently returned to PWI after a 3 year break and there are definitely a lot of memories attached to PWI. The beginning was the best imo, so many memorable moments. Players used to always seek squads to complete content, sharing the cost of a charm for barb or cleric in TT runs, the Bosses being dragged into town and the poor unsuspecting afkers, the snowmen fighting back in Arch lol, the uproar when the first anni pack sale hit, the lobster mounts that flooded Arch, living the 5APS dream and farming TT and Nirvy non stop during 2xs..alot has changed but a pleasant surprise was the number of players from back in the day still around or that have returned!
  • ste#2605 ste Posts: 9 Arc User
    ten year player too much to even put here.but what i miss is all the people that used to play and sadly all gone
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